February 19, 2020

How to Compress and Edit/Convert Your 4K videos for Sharing to Instagram TV (IGTV)


Uploading travel videos on any social media platform has become easier than before. Thanks to Instagram for allowing users to share their real-time travel experiences via stories and recorded ones via IGTV.

However, the quality of videos that we upload to Instagram always gets reduced to not-so-great. This is because Instagram automatically tries to compress videos to save the bandwidth and speed up the uploading process.

For this reason, many users try to upload videos in higher quality so that when these videos are compressed from their original size, they retain some of their video quality. Uploading 4k videos on Instagram is one such trick.

The reason why users need to post high-quality videos on Instagram is that Instagram is no longer a mere photo-sharing platform. It has now become a digital marketing tool that is home to a lot of YouTubers, make-up artists, professional, and travel bloggers who document each day of their life on this platform.

While some are doing it for fame and followers, others are doing it merely out of passion. Then, there are some people out there who are trying to make money out of this digital platform by making the best use of its features.

Thus, when Instagram decides to compress a video that was not of good quality, to begin with, it fails to serve the purpose the poster decided to post it for- to attract the audience’s attention.

What Are The Requirements Of Instagram Video?

There are two types of videos that can be posted on Instagram: The Short Video and The Long Video. The Short Video consists of a clip which is smaller than 60 seconds. This clip can be posted into the user’s feed easily. However, clips that are longer than 60 seconds / 1 minute and run up to 60 minutes are categorized as Long Videos.

These videos can be uploaded from either a mobile phone or a desktop/laptop computer. The long videos uploaded from the mobile phone have a time limit of 15 minutes and the videos uploaded from the web via desktop or laptop computer have a time limit of 60 minutes.

Whether you decide to post a short or long video, the video resolution and size requirements remain the same. The aspect ratio is set at 9:16 for vertical videos 16:9 for horizontal videos. Similarly, the resolution requirements for videos are a minimum of 720 pixels. The file sizes for videos range from 650 MB to 3.6GB. The file format needed for videos to be uploaded is MP4.

What Are 4k Videos?

4k videos are the best quality videos that can be uploaded on any digital media platform. They provide video quality four times the resolution of 1080p videos. Though this is one of their strong suits, the problem with these videos is that they are huge in size and may take ages to upload. Consequently, the hardware associated with the successful uploading of video and other media might heat up due to the amount of load being processed.

Thus, on one part, 4k videos can be used to enhance video quality on Instagram, while on the other, they might need to be tailored according to the requirements of the platform. This includes, but is not limited, to customizing the 4k videos’ properties such as frames per second, length of the video, and size of the video, etc. using the editing tools available at the users’ disposal.

If you are wondering what other means can a person use to help them edit their 4k videos, then fret not; read the next section and educate about yourself the solution you seek.

VideoProc: The Ultimate Lifesaver for an Instagram User

VideoProc is a video editing software that helps users edit and compress their videos to fit Instagram’s video posting requirements. It can tailor the videos at a fast pace without heating up the device’s systems by using its GPU acceleration feature.

How Does VideoProc Compress 4K Videos?

VideoProc’s FullGPUAcceleration feature allows it to process heavier videos in no time and optimizes file sizes without compromising on the output quality. This means that no matter the size of your video, your device will not slow down while being edited, nor your systems will heat up, causing your device to hang.

Even after you have edited and saved your video, VideoProc will speed the upload process 47 times the real-time speed and do the job for you within seconds.

Thus, if you are a travel vlogger who likes to share their journey of different parts of the world via Instagram, you might as well want to download and make use of this priceless software.

Moreover, VideoProc also allows its users to switch 4kyoutube to mp4. This is a feature specifically for Premium YouTube users. YouTube allows it’s premium account holders to download and watch their 4k videos on their mobile devices.

While this is a watcher’s facility, these videos may take up too much space on the device and thus slow it down. If you are a YouTube Premium Account user who is looking for solutions to handle the heavy-sized 4k YouTube videos, simply download VideoProc and let it help you shred the size of your downloads without disturbing their quality.

Last but not the least, VideoProc also enables iPhone users to download and watch 4k videos for offline streaming in batch viewing session. Users may download and save YouTube 4k videos to the iPhone and enjoy them even after they have lost connection to Wi-Fi.


VideoProc is easy to use and user-friendly video editing software, which does not require a high-level understanding of technology to be operated. It allows users to post high-quality Instagram videos without trimming down their experiences and share their passion for travel with others online.

However, if you need more support and understanding then follow the video link below and gain insights into the detailed tutorial of VideoProc.

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