January 3, 2019

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB – Your laptop could be your personal computer or PC, similarly, your desktop could be your Personal Computer or PC, but there is a difference in Laptop and Desktop. Simple to understand, isn’t it? In the same manner understanding “How to connect your phone to your Windows 10 PC” or “How To Connect your Apple iPhone to Macbook” is. So, in this step by step guide, without further ado, let’s directly learn about the PC and mobile connectivity topic-wise.How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

A laptop or desktop has its own importance, same is the case with mobile phone or high-tech smartphones. But, many a time, the situation is raised when you may need to connect your smartphone to your Laptop or computer irrespective of the fact how High-Tech your mobile phone is.

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Connecting a mobile phone to your laptop or computer is simple. But, in various cases, purpose and methods are different. Some people connect it to transfer the files from Mobile Phones to Laptop/ Computer or vice-versa. And many people most of the times connect it using Wireless Fidelity for the perfect internet usage. While those who faced the problems in doing so, had it last time.

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In general, there is only one possible way of connecting your Mobile Phone to PC with-wire mode that is – either by using the Data Cable or by USB Cable (don’t mind, in local saying both are one and the same thing). Using this wired connecting, Mobile Charging is possible, data transfer is possible and many other tasks. As after reading this in-depth guide you will not face problem in Connecting your Smartphone to your PC or Laptop anymore.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity technology standard for exchanging data which is mainly used in Personal Computers, Audio Devices, Gaming Consoles and Smartphones etc. with the physical range of Typically less than 10 m (33 ft), up to 100 m (330 ft); Bluetooth 5.0: 40–400 m (100–1,000 ft) and has frequency of 2.45 GHz. Now connecting your Mobile Phone or Smartphone with Laptop or PC is extremely simple.

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Here comes the role of Pairing. Bluetooth would not have existed without the word pairing. It goes like – You’ll have to turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile phone. Then you’ll have to turn on the Bluetooth in your Laptop or Personal Computers. In both the cases, keep in mind that Bluetooth of both the devices should be “Discoverable to Nearby Devices.” Telling this because there is an option to un-discover the same in any or both of the devices.

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Now, there must be some name given to your Bluetooth device of Laptop and Smartphone. From the list of devices that are discovered, please make sure to click on the name of the device you are willing to connect to. For example, the name of BT (here BT refers to BlueTooth) of your Smartphone is ATB and the name of BT of your Laptop or Personal Computer is ALLTECHBUZZ. Then from Smartphone click on ALLTECHBUZZ while vice versa is not necessary and pairing will start.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop Using Data cable

As the name suggests, Data Cable is basically used to transfer the data either from the Smartphones to Laptop or Personal Computers. Now, based on the kind of media that needs to be transferred, Data Cables are of various types that are – 

  • Ethernet Cables (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a)
  • Token Ring Cables (Cat4)
  • Coaxial cable is sometimes used as a baseband digital data cable, such as in serial digital interface and thicknet and thinnet.
  • Optical fiber cable; see fiber-optic communication.
  • Serial cable.

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There is one more advantage of using the Data Cable as a mode of transferring files either from Smartphone to Laptop or Computer or vice – versa, that is Charging of your Smartphone from Laptop. And, there have been Myths like Laptop or Computer Charging is not as strong as High Voltage Direct Electric Current Switch Charging, then keep in mind that it is just a myth and nothing else.

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How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With and Without USB

Indeed don’t ignore this, because there is a difference between USB Charging Cable and Data cable. In Simple words, according to reports, when you use USB Cables to transfer data by plugging one end on the device and the other one to a pc or a laptop, that’s when it’s called data cable.

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But in scientific words, it can better be understood as “On the device side, the two 10K resistors on the Data – and Data+ Lines tell the device that this is the power supply online, no data. And, the resistor side should be near the socket. More updates related to How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB will be posted on this page of ALLTECHBUZZ.

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This can be made with a regular USB extension cord; only run the red and black cables with larger (18 Gauge) wire, and put the resistors on the socket side. Ideally, the wires should be shielded with the shield connected to ground.” Obviously, no rocket science is needed to understand how to connect Mobile Phones and Laptops or Personal Computers using USB Charging cable.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop Monitor Using the Internet (In Hindi)

There are tons of ways by which computers or laptops can have access to the internet. But, more than half of the high-tech world that uses Laptop or Computers for Searches in Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing, watching Youtube Videos, streaming online live games, surfing on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram does that with the help of the internet packages in their mobile phones.

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The best possible way to run the Internet in your Laptop or Personal Computer using a Smartphone is to switch on the Wifi in former and switching on the tethering hotspot in the latter. Now connecting the both can resolve the issues for sure. This is the simplest method of having internet connection in your PC or Desktop or Laptop without subscribing to any other Data packages from Airtel, Reliance that uses Modem or Router.

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Once, internet connectivity is there, ultimately your Smartphone and Computer also get connected using the Internet. A complete detailed guide regarding this will be uploaded on ALLTECHBUZZ in the Hindi language as well soon. Thus stays tuned with us.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With Teamviewer

When it came to connectivity, the world was earlier OKAY with Bluetooth, Wireless Fidelity or WiFi and ShareIt kind of software. But the industry of Smartphones and Computer Connectivity completely changed when The Durham, North Carolina-based company GFI Software acquired a majority stake in TeamViewer in 2010 and Teamview kept getting better thereafter. 

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Resulting in mind-blowing figures that Teamviewer connected over 1.7+ Billion smartphones and 40+ million sessions per days are received. Thus, there must be something special that over 4 Lakh people are downloading the Teamview every day. Operating system updates for one of the best data sharing, remote support, remote access, service desk computer software – TeamViewer are as follows (on the day of writing this content).

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Starting with Windows (desktop app): 13.2.26558 / October 4, 2018; 7 days ago Windows (UWP app): Chrome OS: 13.0.281 / October 30, 2017; 11 months ago BlackBerry OS: / February 1, 2017; 19 months ago Android: 13.2.9356 / August 2, 2018; 2 months ago Linux: 12.0.81460 / July 27, 2017; 14 months ago. Not only connections but also, complete screen control can be taken over if used Teamviewer in the perfect possible manner.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With Ip Address

Here’s how? If you and your partner (those who are willing to share the screens) are on Smartphones, the first step is to download the Teamview from Google Play Store or App Store (in case of iPhone). Then, a unique ID (in numeric digits) will be generated by the first device and when the same ID shared with the second device holder. That ID will have to enter in the Teamviewer App and now second device holder will have a complete or limited control as required of first device holders screen. Similarly, when in Laptop or Personal Computers, make sure to go through these Easy and Secure Remote Desktop Access in the world’s favourite remote support solution.

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The process of setting up the IP Address in Windows and Linux and other operating systems is totally different. Just remember that your Computer or Smartphone does not have an IP Address, rather your internet connectivity and router, modem etc. does have. Even, as the name suggests IP is an internet protocol, thus address must also be connected to IP only.

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Now there are ways through which you can set up your IP Addresses (exact step by step guides/ methods can be viewed on other portals) and have your Smartphone completely connected with your Laptop or Personal Computer. There always been one disadvantage of Wireless connectivity that you can only transfer the data. But in USB Cable or USB Data connectivity, you can even charge your phone and also can transfer the Data.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With ShareIt

Shareit has been one of the most famous data sharing application developed by Lenovo. Two happiest part of this best sharing app with the fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies/ music/ wallpapers / GIFs is that – 1.) IT IS A FREEWARE and 2.) IT IS A DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE. Thus, in case you’re not having internet connection working, Shareit will not leave your hands.

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Like Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity software, Share It should also be there in both the devices. First one being from which the data needs to be transferred and the second one being in which the data needs to be received. But in this latest version of ShareIt, you can call it 4.0, no pairing kind of thing is there. Rather, from your Smartphone, a QR Code which appears in the Mobile Phone has to be scanned.

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