August 20, 2019

How to Convert M4V video formats to MP4 video formats?

It is quite hard for anyone to watch M4V files on your Android phone, PSP, Final cut Pro, Xbox or edit the M4V videos in iMovie and since the M4V formats used for storing movies, music videos and TV series in the iTunes stores are only compatible with QuickTime and iTunes. For solving this issue look for converting M4V to MP4 with the help of video converters. The MP4 is one of the most popular video formats and is supported by many game devices, players, and video editing tools. If you face any problem as mentioned look forward for the conversion of M4V to MP4 that will help you to get the most out of the M4V files.

I was facing the same problem, as I collected all videos of my hostel in my Apple phone or Macbook and was trying to play them on other devices to show my parents and siblings. They were quite excited to have a look at my college and hostel life. But I was in pain as it was shocking to me that I cant able to play the videos on TV or Android phones at home. I spoke to one of my relatives who is an expert in the video transcripts to dig deep into the issue and can able to recover all my media files. He suggested me to convert the videos into MP4 format as the same will help in playing these videos as per the suitability.

While looking for the video converter online, I found many software and tried a few as well. But none was as quick as Wondershare UniConverter and can provide me with the quality conversion. The Wondershare UniConverter is the only video converter I found that can help me with the quality conversion of videos in batches and can help with various other services of customization of videos too.

Let’s know how you can convert M4V into MP4 by using desktop Wondershare UniConverter:

Launch the Wondershare UniConverter on your PC or Mac and now click +Add files tab for adding M4V files. The user can also drag and drop the files of M4V format directly to the window. The software also allows the user to look for the multiple M4V files. The window also allows you to preview these files on the main window once you have imported them.

Now click down to look for the tab names as “convert all tasks to,” placed at the right corner of the main interface and now open the output format list. Look for MP4 format for the video tab and choose the respective video resolution you desire for. If the user is looking for editing the videos for change the look, feel, or experience, then clicking on Create Custom will solve their purpose. As it allows you to recreate the settings window for resolution, frame rate, bitrate, etc.


The software also allows you to edit your video instantly. On clicking on the icons placed under the thumbnail, you can cut, crop and trim MP4 files and add watermarks, apply effects or subtitles. The users can skip it too if they do not want to edit their videos.

Once all your settings are satisfied, hit the convert all button to trigger the conversion of M4V format videos into MP4. The program is best and once finished you can find all your videos under the converted tab.

How to convert M4V into MP4 format by using online uniConverter?

The online UniConverter is one of the simple online tools for converting M4V format into MP4. The facility does not require any kind of installation of software and can be used on any device without any hassle. Let’s know how to convert the M4V format files into MP4 through online UniConverter.

  1. Open online UniConverter on your browser and click on drag and drop or you can hit to Add files tab for browsing and importing the MP4 videos from your device.

  1. Now select “convert all files to” and choose MP4 format.
  2. Now click on convert tab to initiate the conversion process of M4V into MP4. The video converter also offers download tab to opt for after conversion.

The online UniConverter and desktop Uniconverter are one of the best video converters in their respective domains. They provide the best services to the users in the course of video editing and conversion industry. But as per their functionality, they do have an edge over each other but at times confront many limitations too. Let’s know what they are good at and where they have their limitations confined.

  1. The online UniConverter is best in converting 2 videos at a time, whereas the desktop UniConverter allows the batch conversion of videos.
  2. The online UniConverter can be open instantly on any device and starts working in a few seconds of the opening of browser whereas the desktop UniConverter takes time for downloading and installing of the videos.
  3. The online UniConverter is used by people who don’t have the routine requirements of video editing tools, but the desktop UniConverters are a professional tool and can help people with any kind of editing and video conversion in bulk.

The Wondershare technology is one of the companies that have earned a lot of reputation in the video industry. Wondershare has launched many software related to videos and has established as a pioneer in the industry. Established a decade before they are one of the right solutions for the people working in the video industry or have any kind of requirement for the same. Have a look at their products if you seek any of the video editing services.


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