September 1, 2022

How to Convert PDF to Word Free – Top PDF Software Introduction

The well-known Wondershare PDFelement is software that is easy to use and has all the solutions to PDF problems. It lets you easily edit PDFs and makes it easy to manage them across your desktop or your mobile. This is beneficial when it comes to sharing your PDF on the web because it is really quick to do so, and you can do it from wherever you are. This is the all-new version of PDFelement 9, which is a free pdf editor and has massive updates of all the features throughout the world. The upgrades in the user interface of the application increase its functionality and save it to the cloud perfectly. This article is mainly to introduce you to how to convert PDFs into word files, whether online or offline. 

Convert PDF to word file online/offline

Convert PDF online:

Step 1: Select the “PDF to Word” tool in HiPDF, and choose the files you need to convert.

Step 2: Click the “Convert” button, and the PDF to Word conversion will start immediately and complete within seconds.

Step 3: Save the Converted File by clicking the “Download” button on your device or upload it to the cloud storage directly.

This is a really quick method of converting it because you can convert this in a simple few steps. The online solution to do so is to simply use Hipdf to convert PDF to Word in just simple clicks.

If you want the online OCR function for scanned PDF, then it can convert it into images or editable words. You can convert your scan PDF and images into editable documents in word, ppt, and EPUB. You can also serve it in offline mode by choosing simple links.

Convert PDF offline:

If you don’t have a network or want to convert a large number of files, you can use Wondershare PDFelement as the best choice for a PDF converter. The method of use is still very simple, and it can also support the conversion of multiple formats. Also supports the conversion of scanned PDF files.

Step 1: Select “Convert” in Quick Tools of Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2: Choose the output folder to save the converted file. Here you will have another chance to change the output format by changing the “Save as type” option.

Step 3: After the conversion process, you will be able to find the Word file in its output location.

Pros and cons of PDFelement and Hipdf

  • Talking about the pros than these are numerous as compared to its cons. It has all the features that could be used without paying and even has the support of 15 formats from which PDF can be made, including word or PPT. They even support batch conversion of PDF, which is mostly required by people throughout the world if you want to have a fast conversion speed and even that of high quality when you can make sure that you are using a free online PDF editor. 
  • It works on all platforms, whether it be the Mac, desktop, or mobile. But this is not the case in corns because you can even convert its cons into pros by choosing some payment methods. After all, some of its features are paid, like OCR.
  • The various advantages and features offered by the free PDF editor are magnificent and are loved by its users all around the world. It supports the conversion of PDF into more than 12 formats which is a great deal. You can easily compare it with other software also. It is better than all its competitors due to its highly responsible features and other Qualities. 
  • Its high speed is the main reason why people prefer it because it can convert and change any PDF into a Word document at a faster speed. You can get it done on all platforms, and even it can manage more than a hundred files at a time. 

The final verdict

When we are talking about PDF, then every user needs to make sure that it is editable and works at a quick speed. Wondershare PDFelement is one such software that has all the solutions to your worries related to PDF, and you can have all of its features by simply choosing it. It is 100% secure, and you can use it while making it already saved on cloud storage. This is a perfect solution for many problems like merging and organizing. This software easily works and converts your PDF into word in offline and online modes both. It supports batch conversion even with faster and higher speeds. It is secure to work on all platforms, and its features of OCR also.

The free online PDF editor is software that is truly helpful in managing the documents being used by people all around the world. You may have it for crop PDF and also to make sure that you are working safely. It is really simple and has most of the tools online. This has a smarter functionality and is more reliable to make sure that you are using the perfect application for it. This is not only available online, but you can also use it offline since there is not much use of the Internet in it.

About the author 

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