July 31, 2019

How to Convince Your Boss that HR Software is Needed

HR professionals spend a lot of time extolling the importance of HR software, and most businesses would benefit from a smoother connection between payroll, work hours, and record keeping. But often there is a disconnect between what the business owners think and what HR teams are vying for. Here are some ways to approach your boss about taking on a new HR solution.

Highlight the Numbers

Any change to a business’ daily processes can be stressful, especially for senior members of staff, so, for this reason, it’s often more difficult to get them to agree to changes in software or new systems. But time is a valuable commodity in any company, and if you can show how much time would be saved by making the switch to HR software, this is likely to be more effective than just stating the benefits. However, when the statistics are used in conjunction with the many benefits of HR software, it makes for a convincing case that will no doubt help your boss to see why implementing a new system would be beneficial for the company.


Remove the Risk of Error

HR software doesn’t just streamline processes, but it also removes the risk of manual error from entering data by hand or processing paperwork, where human error is much more common. Mistakes can cost a business enormous amounts, particularly when it comes to recruitment, so by placing trust in software, the risk of these errors occurring is minimized. In addition, HR software from companies like Factorial is useful because it enables you to create reports and analyses that help you make better decisions about your workforce and your team.

Bring in Skilled Candidates

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One of the main benefits of using HR software is that it enables staff to source the very best candidates for new positions. Onboarding and applicant tracking software don’t just make it easier to find skilled applicants, but it also ensures a smoother hiring process. Business owners will benefit from this as the cost of employee turnover can be immense, but providing a smoother onboarding experience is key to improving retention. The more time HR professionals can spend reducing turnover; the more time business owners have to focus on more important matters such as expanding the business as a whole.

Make Better Use of Staff Skills

The decision-makers in business understand that when it comes to payroll and HR, efficiency is at the core of any choice. If the processes in business are out of date, the company can’t run to its full potential, and it won’t be able to grow as it should. HR is crucial to every business, but if you have a team of specialists on hand, their time is better served on more pressing matters than dealing with administrative tasks. By implementing HR software, many of these more tedious and time-consuming tasks can be automated, which frees up time for your HR staff to put their skills and knowledge to better use. In other words, you can allow the experts to be the experts and offload the general HR tasks on to the software.

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