March 1, 2019

How To Create A Free Website In Less Than 1 Minute In 2019

This post is for newbies who are completely new to Blogging and don’t know the ABCD of it. This guide will show you how to create a free blog in less than a minute and start posting on your blog instantly without much knowledge of programming and Web Designing.

How To Create A Free Website In Less Than 1 Minute In 2019

Before getting started with creating a blog you must choose a reliable website builder or a platform that fits your needs. There are many platforms such as Tumblr, Weebly,,, etc but among these, the one that has a good advantage is Blogger or Blogspot platform when compared with others.

The best platform to get started with Blogging is undoubtedly Wordpress self hosted blogs but you need to invest a little before getting started with self hosted blogs.The other platform that almost has all the benefits of Wordpress is Blogger Platform which is owned by Google.So in this post and video tutorial I will be showing you how to create a free blog on Blogger Platform.

Advantages of Blogger or Blogspot Platform:

  • Free Hosting with 100% uptime.
  • Free subdomain. However, you can also set up a custom domain name for your blog by investing a few bucks which we will be covering in the next tutorial.
  • Highly secured. As the Blogger blogs are hosted on the cloud these are highly secured and these blogs cannot be hacked with regular hacking techniques. The hackers can only compromise these blogs if they are able to access your Blogger account which is almost impossible if you have enabled 2 step authentication.

Steps to Create a Free Blog:

  • First, go to
  • Sign in with your Gmail Account.
  • As you are doing this for the first time you have to set up your profile which will not take more than 10 seconds of your time.
  • After setting up your profile you will be seeing a Blogger Dashboard, on the left side of your dashboard, you will find an option to create a new blog.
  • Hit that and then give a proper title to your blog and then you have to choose a unique URL or domain name to your blog. Then choose a default template for your blog and hit the create button. For some professional well-designed template check here.
  • Now just open the blog that you have created and click on New post and start posting articles of your interest.
That’s all friends this is a very quick and easy tutorial on how to get started with a free blog. As this is a free blog you will be assigned a subdomain name like In the next tutorial, I will be showing you how to set up a custom domain name like or to your Blogspot blog. If you have any doubts do let us know in your comments.

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Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

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