December 28, 2019

How to Create a YouTube Sales Funnel

There is no doubt in the fact that business saturation on YouTube is intense and given the high numbers of channels, the competition is fierce. Most of the people are using YouTube to create sales funnels and devise the framework. YouTube is all about top-notch content, and the videos need to be on-point to appeal to the customer base. In this article, we are helping you create the YouTube sales funnel to devise the results you have always dreamt of.

Raise Awareness At The Top

The top of the funnel depicts the challenges which can be identified by the business, and it is an essential step to take on. For instance, businesses need to have information about the challenges and to find solutions; it becomes integral. In other words, businesses need to have in-depth information about the challenges if they need to create solutions for dealing with them. Buy Youtube Subscribers is easy. The top of the funnel stage is all about gaining insights about the challenges. To get information, there are following types of videos adhered such as;

  • Educational Videos – Obviously, everyone is a novice when the early business stage is concerned, and the businesses need the information to make the decisions. Through educational videos, you can help businesses find answers to the challenges. The educational videos need to be short, precise, and easy to understand
  • Explainer Videos – These types of videos have become the stars of the digital marketing world, and in these videos, the channel owners will talk about the highly complicated topics in the simpler words to make it easy to understand. In other words, they will provide solutions and breakdown with the essential pieces of information
  • Short Videos – If you know how to say big things in a single line, you need to start with the short videos right away. These videos will provide effective information in the briefest manner while executing the real intention behind it
  • Product Intro Videos – If you are a business and are launching a new product line, you can create the captivating product teaser video to ensure you get to market the products and increase the sales percentage
  • Tutorials – If you are offering the complicated products which aren’t easy to grasp the idea of, you can create the tutorial video which will teach the audience base how to use the certain product and attain productivity through them

Decision-making At Funnel’s Bottom

The bottom of the sales funnel is directly influenced by the sales, and in this type of videos, you will need to create the content that helps them increase the conversion rate. The ideas for video content include;

  • Demo Videos – If you are offering some software or app, you can create the demo video which will tell you how the app will work and how it will be better than the competitive apps
  • Testimonial Videos – If you have a strong and satisfied customer base, get them to feature in your video and talk about their experience with your products and services

Now that you are clear about the different types of videos for the sales funnel, we will walk you through the process of creating high-quality content such as;

  • Before you make the mind about creating the sales funnel YouTube channel, you need to have at least 50 video ideas to start with. Moreover, you need to devise the plan regarding the video creation and how videos will be launched and the intervals between the launch.
  • While you are creating the ideas for the sales funnel videos, you need to keep in mind different stages of the sales funnel and mix them all up in different videos for optimal coverage.
  • Make the schedule plan for the video plans and stick to them which means you will need to upload the videos when they are supposed to.
  •  While you are creating the videos, make sure that you are adding the keywords in title, subtitles, and meta-description. This will help optimize the videos for visibility on the search engines as well as on YouTube.
  • You need to promote your videos on social media platforms which is another mean to drive traffic to the YouTube channel.
  • While you are designing the content, make sure you align the content in a way that increases the conversion rate and increase the sales number.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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