March 15, 2019

How To Create Apple ID & Password (Without Credit Card) for iPhone & Laptop

How To Create Apple ID & Password (Without Credit Card) for iPhone & Laptop – Today’s lesson on ALLTECHBUZZ is for the people who just came to the iOS world and of course, the first thing to do is to create an Apple account. So, you can download apps from the App Store.

So, the first thing you do is just go to the settings in your new iPhone and just scroll down. You will see the iTunes and of course, you can see the App Store icon and just press on the iTunes and App Store. You will find something basically like this page in the front view. I have blank spaces.

So, the first thing to do is you can press on Apple ID if you do have already have an Apple account. But if you don’t have, you can just scroll down and create a new Apple Account or Apple ID first. So, there is one thing to notice is that when you come to create an account from this page, you might face some problems and one of the problems is that you would have is not an option for you to put your visa information.

So, if you don’t want this thing to happen with you, you can just go back and just go to the App Store itself. Just turn off the Wi-Fi connection and turn on the 3G because I am not in the house at the moment.

So, our first thing we will do is we will go the App Store itself. It’s going to take a while we don’t have a fast connection in the world. Here, you can go to the top chart and just wait until I see the apps and specifically I want free apps because we will not see the Visa Informations.

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How To Create Apple ID & Password (Without Credit Card) for iPhone & Laptop

You will have to sign in to download apps from the App Store and you can either use an existing Apple ID or you create a new Apple ID for me. I don’t have an Apple ID so I will create a new one by pressing on this option. Let’s go and choose India for example or whichever country you are living in.

Just press next and now we have the agreement. You can just go on by pressing on Agree. Yes, I agree and then we will just move on to the next page. Just write down information, nothing really difficult about the next step. I will do it and I will jump to the next page.

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Now, this is the tricky part, now from here, you can choose none and you can now not to enter your Visa or MasterCard information.

So, if we went and create an account from the settings. From that, point, you will have to enter your information.

You know you have to choose one of the options for the four options and if you don’t have a VISA Card then you will have it will be stuck. You can see the code, enter the code.

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In case no code or you don’t have any gifts from here, the billing address as I said before, you can just write your information, you can write it down your first name, last name, address city and all the other things.

This is the last step, now Apple has sent you an Email and you can just go to your email as in this page. And just press on the link and they will just get you back and certify your account and then you can just download apps as much as you like.

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Now, let’s have a look at the same thing but with different device i.e. PC/ Laptop and with separate steps.

First of all, visit the official website of Apple. And, you can see we have options for signing it. Well, I have not created my ID so I can’t actually sign.

One Apple ID is all you need to access all Apple Services. Enter first name, last name, country, birthday.

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Now enter your Apple ID (This will be your new Apple ID) in the format of, enter the password and then confirm the password.

You will also have to select the security questions. It can be any out of What is the first name of your best friend in high school? What was the name of your first pet? What was the first thing you learned to cook?

What was the first film you saw in the theatre? Where did you go the first time you flew on the plane?

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What is the last name of your favourite elementary school teacher? You will have to tick mark on Announcements (Get announcements, recommendations, and updates about Apple products, services, software updates and more) and also checkmark for Apple Music, New apps and more.

Enter the captcha code then and click on the Continue button.

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Verify your Email Address to create your new Apple ID. An email with a verification code has been sent to Enter the code here: _ _ _ _ _ _. Now open your Mail Inbox viz.

Email Address that you entered right there. You should have received a mail in my Email. In the received mail from the side of Apple, it will be clearly written that You have selected as your new Apple ID.

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To verify this email address belongs to you, enter the code below on the email verification page. It will be a six digit number for example 304867. This code will expire in three hours after this email was sent.

Why you received this email.? Apple requires verification whenever an Email Address is selected as an Apple ID.

Your Apple ID cannot be used until you verify it. If you did not make this request, you can ignore this email. No Apple ID will be created without verification.

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This mail was generated by Apple Support. Now, as soon as you’ve entered the One Time Password, you will be redirected to a confirmed mail page.

And, in case you were thinking on how you can manage everything to do with Apple and other things, you will need to first with no Apple ID and this is how you would be doing it.

You can obviously, later on, change things, change the password, set up two-step verification and other things.

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But, this is how you will be kind of having your own Apple ID. So, that’s it. Hopefully, with this query, all your questions related to Create Apple ID for Child, Free Apple ID and Password, Create iCloud ID, Create Apple ID without Credit Card 2019, Create iCloud Email or a new Account on PC or change password etc.

But, still, if you’re facing any doubts regarding How To Create Apple ID & Password (Without Credit Card) for iPhone & Laptop, do let us know in the comment box below. Professionals from ALLTECHBUZZ team will reply to your questions soon.

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