September 30, 2020

How to do the Amazon Style Sex – 4 best positions to try

Bored of trying regular sex positions and want to try something new? Then you gotta let her be on top to try amazon style sex position. Every variation of her being on top, makes her ride you like an amazonian warrior lady.

If you and your partner can nail amazon style, it will become your favorite sex position. Letting her be the dominant one can be the best thing ever happened to a man. She will control the pace, she will move her body up and down on his shaft that he’ll only focus on reaching the climax.

If you have never tried Amazon-style sex yet, this is your chance to let her bang the hell out of you.

4 Variations of Amazon Sex Position

As her man, relax down and prepare to be amazed by her dominance over you. The most generic form of amazon style is, the man lies on his back and brings his knees closer to his chest. A woman then rides on his shaft and pace as she gets hornier. If you try a few variations, you wouldn’t want her to stop, ever!

Love Pump

1. Love Pump

You will scream her name when she invites you deeper inside her. In Love Pump, a man sits on a chair, grabbing tight on the armrest.

He then lifts his knees up, spread wide open to allow her to lead. A woman sits on his manhood facing in the opposite direction. She controls the speed and the deepness. The wilder she gets, the crazier he’ll go.

Hold on tight and let your woman take you to fly higher with each stroke of hers.

2. Reverse Jockey

You can say, reverse jockey amazon style is reverse missionary. Instead of a man going over her, she comes over her man with her writhing hot body.

A man lies on his back, folding his legs. She comes over to him and sits on his hardwood, stroking, until he screams her name.

Her piercing eye contact, her tits brushing over his chest will make him get wilder. He can wrap his legs around her waist and help her reach deeper into her G-spot.

You can reach over to kiss her or lick her tits. Go wilder and reach the climax together.

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3. Surprise Party

When you forget about everything and just go for it, you experience great pleasure with your partner. In the surprise party, the man lies down on his back, pulling and spreading his legs, exposing his hard dick to her.

She comes and sits down on his shaft, facing in the opposite direction. A man can hold onto her waist and help her thrust harder and deeper.

She can please herself by cuddling her breasts or rubbing her honeypot. The more a man pulls his knees towards him, the more his dick will be exposed to her, leading to an intense orgasm.

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4. Rev-it-up Rub

Give her a space to sit on you and rock your world. In this amazon variation, a man lies at the edge of the bed, exposing his wood to her.

She finds pleasure taking a seat on his dick and thrust up and down. For the next few minutes, his dick is hers to sit and play with.

She can lean forward and increase the pace to take him on a ride of heavenly pleasure.

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