February 14, 2021

How to Download and Install Xbox One Controller Driver

Xbox One controller is a dream come true for every gaming enthusiast. It provides every feature and component that you could think of in a game controller. All the gaming freaks are eager to own one, but just having the best game controller is not enough. The device drivers are necessary to make it perform optimally.

You would not be able to play your favorite games without a controller driver. So the first thing you should do is to download and install the Xbox One controller driver, and then give a start to your gaming journey.

Here are a few of the methods which can be used to download and run the Xbox One controller drive. Let us have a look at these unique and easy to go with methods.

Bit Driver Updater

If you want the optimum solution to download the Xbox One controller driver, you should download Bit Driver Updater. With this application, you can avail the latest version of the device drivers. All it takes is just a few clicks.

Use Device Manager

There is an option named Device Manager on your PC. Your PC is an intelligent and commendable operating system and understands the needs of the users. To get started, firstly click on the search bar and find Device Manager. When the Device Manager is opened, look for the option named “Xbox peripherals”. Once you find the option, right-click on it and select update driver software. To download and install it automatically, click on the option of searching automatically for an updated driver. Windows will start finding the driver and would install the Xbox One controller driver automatically. Restart your computer once you have followed all the above steps. Windows may have some difficulty downloading the Xbox One controller driver if the update is released only recently. If this happens, look for other options, like the ones mentioned ahead.

Use Windows Update

You can even install the Xbox One controller driver through Windows update. Firstly, connect the controller with your PC via the USB port. Once you are done with it, wait for the windows to detect the change in hardware. Wait for the windows to update searches for One controller driver, and once the search is completed, download all the required drivers. Once those drivers are downloaded, start installing them on your PC. Now check if you have been able to download it successfully or not. If no, then re-check and see if you have followed all the steps correctly.

Use Driver DVD To Download And Install

Most of the time, the Xbox One controller comes with a driver DVD. If you have the DVD or CD, then follow the steps to download and install the Xbox One controller driver. To start, insert the DVD or the CD. Open your computer folder, and double click on the CD or DVD option. An instruction box would be launched, follow all those instructions and finish the driver installation. Remember – this method can only be applied if you have a CD or a DVD, else, jump on to the next method mentioned below.

Download One Controller Driver Through Xbox Search

Firstly visit the Xbox One controller driver search page. Once you are there, click on the download button to start downloading the Xbox controller driver for your PC. After the setup file is downloaded successfully, click on the file. Unzip the file and then follow all the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the driver installation.

Updating the Xbox One Controller Driver

If you have downloaded the old version of the Xbox One controller driver, here are the methods to update it. Have a look.

Update Through Command Prompt

This method is a little challenging to newbies, but most people do it easily. Search for “Command prompt” and right-click on the option. After that, choose to run as administrator once you see the dialogue box. The window for the command prompt would open. Write this in the opened box: “expand-f:* Update-Name.cab Destination-Folder. Once you have typed this, click on the install button and your Xbox One controller driver is updated.

USB Cable

You can also install the updated driver for Xbox One controller through a USB cable. What you need to do is to just plug your controller and USB cable and follow the dialogue box and the instructions and you will be done in no time.

Update By Using Bit Driver Updater

This is again the best way to update the One controller driver. It is a program that you require to fulfill all your needs. Firstly, download the Bit Driver updater. After that, open the software and start scanning the drivers. Once you are done with the scan results, click on update now. Once you have clicked on it, the update would start automatically.

Bit Driver is the topmost recommendation to update, install and download the Xbox One controller driver. These are the reasons why we suggest and advise choosing Bit Driver Update. Firstly, it improvises the PC’s performance and makes it faster. With the help of this drive updater, scans can be scheduled for the future. Secondly, you can exclude those drivers that you don’t want to update.

The above list contains all the reliable and efficient methods to download and install the Xbox One controller driver. Now you can get on with your gaming in no time. so what’s the wait for? Download the driver today and get going!

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