November 27, 2021

How to Download YouTube Videos: A Complete Guide

How to download YouTube videos remains a challenge for some web users even with the availability of tools on the internet. This is because some web users fail to understand how it works. Others do not bother or do not see any need for a Youtube Downloader. Therefore, they would rather stream and watch them online (mostly free). However, we shall look at some of the reasons why you might want to download a YouTube video.

So, why would you want to download YouTube videos? Here are possible reasons that could make you do so:

  • To create a backup of your favorite YouTube videos

When you wish to edit or modify a YouTube video file before converting it into other formats for specific purposes [Note: You can only do this if you know what you are doing because there are legal implications]

  • To add a soundtrack to a YouTube video

Before you learn how to download and convert YouTube videos, it is important to know that free online converters often strip the uploaded files of their audio or video quality. As such, only download videos when you intend on watching them offline in high-quality (if not original) video and sound.

  • When you need to save a YouTube video file for offline viewing

When there is no active Internet connection on your phone, laptop, or PC and you still wish to watch videos from YouTube on that device

With this in mind, let us learn how you can download YouTube videos for yourself!

There is no honor among thieves, and the open nature of the internet says it all. Thus, most of the “free” methods of downloading YouTube videos act as Trojan horses for malware. Sometimes, they can just leave you with an unusable file that will not play in nearly any player – not even your web browser.

Fortunately, there are several free methods to download videos from YouTube easily. Most of these methods rely on external software downloads. Now that we have the legal stuff out of the way, let us get started with your Youtube Downloader software!

Step 1: Download and install free software (all other methods require you to use this program).

Step 2: Run Free YouTube Downloader and paste the video’s URL into the designated box.

Step 3: Select an output path for the downloaded file or just let Free YouTube Downloader save it into your default download folder.

Step 4. Finally, click ‘Start’ to begin the process of downloading and converting your video.

Step 5: Play your YouTube video file on your PC once the download is complete.

Step 6: Enjoy your videos!

All these programs are easy to use and follow the same format. If you have further questions just search for their FAQs. To download Youtube videos using third-party websites, do the following:-

Step 1: Open up your favorite web browser and navigate to the video on YouTube that you want to download.

Step 2: Now, once you have taken care of this, find the ‘share’ option located under the video. Click on it.

Step 3: Go ahead and click on the ’embed’ link, which will give you the HTML code for your video.

Step 4: Copy it and paste that into a text document or on a notepad so it is ready for editing.

Step 5: Now, most of these programs work with just putting in the link but most of them require you to put in certain tags, which are the following:

  • The “start” tag should be equal to the position of the first byte of video data
  • The ‘end’ tag should be equal to the end of the video.

It has no specific definition beyond that, other than it should be greater than or equal to the ‘start’ tag. In some cases, you may need to add additional tags. You can get specific information by looking at the HTML code provided by the site you are using for the download.


Be careful when installing applications or browser extensions not obtained from reputable sources. These downloads have all been scanned for viruses and are completely safe to use, but if you downloaded them from somewhere other than their official website, there is always a risk of malware.

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