December 1, 2020

How to Earn Big From Online Sports Betting?

Online betting in the Philippines is much easier now. Many bookmakers allow gamblers to place bets. Thanks to technology, people now carry bookmakers in their pockets in the name of a telephone.

If you are already a sports fan, making money via sports betting should come naturally. You should be able to make accurate predictions of sporting events. Although, you could be biased or have some prejudices about specific teams that could cost you the bet. Read what Evelyn Balyton, an expert in the guest post has to say about this. You can learn from his vast knowledge about sports betting and also view his profile here.

However, the moment you can set these notions aside, you begin your journey to financial freedom. You are more than a fan; a rich fan becomes the new title.

Top Bookmakers In the Philippines

To earn big from sports betting, the choice of a bookmaker must be taken seriously. Filipinos love to watch and play sports. Betting comes naturally to them. What they need are top class bookmakers that render satisfactory services.

Here we would look at what constitutes top-class bookmakers for online betting in the Philippines that are right for you. These sportsbooks have maintained this leading position and would hold this beyond the year 2020. Here is a list:


TonyBet is an incredible place to place bets. They have outstanding features that drew our attention. Here are some features being highlighted:

  1. High payout percentage
  2. A comprehensive collection of betting types
  3. More than 28 sports types to bet on

TonyBet has a lucrative football market. Filipinos would love it here because they can express themselves across several betting options.


22Bet has a fantastic reputation in the Philippines. This bookmaker is loaded with outstanding choices. Gamblers are never out of choices. Here is what we found about them:

  1. Big bonuses and promos
  2. Top security software
  3. Super-fast payment options
  4. Live betting options
  5. Casino slots and table games

22Bet was launched in 2007 and has lots of incredible milestones it has reached. The customer support is very responsive, and the complaints of gamblers are quickly resolved. There is a wide range of banking options to select from, and players can be confident that their choice is on the list.


Horse racing, football, sportsbook, live betting or In-play are all available at Betfair. They have a vast collection of sports betting odds. This is another fantastic choice for Filipinos. Guess what they have in store for players? Here is a quick view:

  1. Bonuses and promotions
  2. Several banking options
  3. Quick withdrawals
  4. Security

Sports betting on Betfair is the right choice. The sportsbook has a good reputation and an excellent rating among other sportsbooks. You are in for a real treat when you bet here.


Need an excellent sportsbook to place bets with? or perhaps, you need a place with a good reputation, rating, and lots of bonuses? Here you go! MatchBook sportsbook is a fantastic betting exchange platform where you can access fair and secure gaming options. Here we have:

  1. Top games from top game providers
  2. Security
  3. Customer support
  4. In-Play betting

These and many others are what caught out attention. We are confident every Filipino gambler would love it for what they offer.


Get the best experience in betting, accompanied with great odds here at BetSafe sportsbook. At BetSafe, players don’t need to search for another betting platform because they would be treated well. The T&Cs are friendly, and wagering requirements are all reasonable. Also: n

  1. Amazing bonus options
  2. Large betting market
  3. Generous odds on basketball, football, tennis, etc.
  4. Generous odds on basketball, football, tennis, etc.

Whatever you desire, that is possible, from an online sportsbook, you would see it here. Get ready for an incredible time.

Tips and Strategies to Earn Big From Online Betting In The Philippines

The ultimate goal for punters who engage in online betting in the Philippines is to win big. Although winning is not as easy as it seems. However, there are specific tips to have in mind when you play. Here are a few tips strategies that could work;

  1. Set aside a particular amount for betting. Sports betting is money-dependent, and there is a need to plan and prepare for it. Ensure you set out a specific amount that would enable you to bankroll this course, and don’t add more if you lose your bets.
  2. Bet with a sober attitude. Lots of Filipinos get excited during the game and tend to make floppy decisions. Make sure you don’t get carried away with either winning or losing, maintain a sober mood. You can celebrate when the game is over.
  3. Do your homework. Ensure you carry out proper research before you place bets. Know the line-up of a team, check if vital players are injured, know the underdog, understand who is playing at home or away. These findings are instrumental in placing more accurate bets.

Sports betting is easy when you have certain information. Information concerning sportsbooks, odds, tips, and strategies are highly needed. Don’t bet blindly or off emotions. With a disciplined approach, you can also win fortunes from online betting in the Philippines.

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