June 29, 2022

How to Earn Crypto Playing Games in 2022 – The Best Two Games

The gaming industry is transforming from paid to free to play-to-earn crypto games.

What is the play-to-earn crypto concept, and how can you earn crypto-playing games?

Let’s dive in.

What do we mean by “Earn Crypto Playing Games”?

Play-to-earn crypto games have native crypto tokens supporting their respective game economy. Gamers can buy, trade, and play using these in-game currencies.

The model for all the play-to-earn crypto games out there isn’t always the same. While some games require gamers to pay crypto tokens to play, others facilitate free entry.

A point to be noted is that most play-to-earn crypto games are still in their early development phases. This means that new features may come up in the future.

How to Identify a Legitimate Play-to-Earn Game

As play-to-earn crypto games are an entirely new concept, there are some sub-optimal game models in the market. Hence, it becomes imperative to check the performance, development, and team behind the game before investing money in them.

However, there isn’t a straightforward recipe for judging a play-to-earn crypto game’s potential.

Some things you can check are their total token supply, the incentive to hold or stake, release cycle, etc.

A well-performing play-to-earn game generally would not have an unlimited token supply. In addition, their reward policy for staking and holding tokens should be enticing enough to keep gamers invested. So it’s better to check the game’s “tokenomics” before you invest.

Now that you know the basics of play-to-earn games, here are the top two games you can try to earn crypto playing games:

1. Wizardia

Image via Wizardia

When you want to earn crypto playing games, Wizardia is a great choice. In this play-to-earn fantasy role-playing game, the players take on the role of powerful Wizards. To launch this NFT game’s token, Wizardia has partnered with TrustSwap, a renowned DeFi tools provider.

The players in this game can use their Wizard NFTs to fight other players (Wizards) in PvP and PvE battle modes in a completely new metaverse.

Before you ask, PvP stands for ‘Player vs. Player,’ where a player battles with other players. And PvE stands for “Player vs. Environment,’ where the player battles in an AI-powered gaming environment.

The game’s tokenomics is also healthy. To keep this economy growing, Wizardia has decided to release Arena Genesis NFT over 7 rounds, where there will be a maximum of 28,000 NFTs.

At the time of writing this article, the sixth NFT round is live, which means all of the previous five rounds have successfully been sold out.

The staking rewards for Wizardia NFTs are also impressive. The game claims that its earliest investors will receive rewards of up to 76.80% APY.

One downside is that the full game isn’t free to play. You need to buy Wizard NFTs to play Wizardia. But on the good side, the returns are awesome, and the game’s economics seems reliable.

Still, if you don’t have money to invest but you want to earn crypto playing games, the following game might entice you.

2. Plant Vs. Undead

Image via Plant Vs. Undead

Plant Vs. Undead is a tower defense game where animals turn into the ‘undead’ on a meteorite-hit planet and attempt to slaughter mother trees.

The native token for this game is PVU which is stored on Binance. The in-game currency for this game is named LE (Light Energy). Players can interchange these tokens if needed.

The best part is that you don’t have to invest in this game to start. The game offers some default assets to every player, and as they advance in the game, they earn LE. Later, the players can exchange these LEs for PVU tokens.


Wizardia and Plant Vs. Undead are the top games for anyone who desires to earn crypto playing games in 2022.

So what are you waiting for?

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