August 10, 2020

How To Find A Remote Developer Job?

The learning curve into the developer field is exciting, thrilling, and satisfactory. However, the challenge arises when it’s time to land your first job regardless of the learning path you took. Now that you have the developer skills and you are ready to get jobs remotely, you need to know how to find remote developer jobs.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some great tips on how to find a remote developer job, whether you are a self-taught developer, a Bootcamp graduate, or even a college degree holder. These following tips will help you:

Ascertain that getting a remote developer job is really what you want

The first step to happiness is knowing what you want. To find a remote developer job, be very sure that a remote job is precisely right for you. You can get to settle this by engaging in thorough research and some self-reflection, weighing the pros and cons of being a remote worker.

Some of the pros and cons you might want to think about include:


  • Ability to work anywhere
  • More time for your family
  • Better chances to work at your pace
  • Reduced costs on commutes and office lunch


  • Limited social activities with team
  • Loneliness
  • Could lead to overworking or underworking

So if the pros of being a remote developer outweigh the cons, then it’s evident that the lifestyle is meant for you.

Get ready for a long-term commitment

Nothing comes easy, not even landing your first remote developer job. Therefore, you have to have a staunch long-term resolution and dedication to the cause. This is a paramount tip you would need to take to heart charitably.

Once you have settled it in your mind that you want to be a remote worker, the next thing is to be ready to commit long-term. Being a remote developer would mean you might have to work with different clients, teammates, and even projects concurrently.

This will require you to be able to relate to varying personalities and situations effectively. Therefore, if you have no firm commitment, you might get frustrated even on your first remote developer job.

Build an outstanding portfolio and prepare for interviews

A portfolio showcases the previous projects you have worked on. But this could be a challenge for you as a fresh-faced developer who has never been on a paid job before. However, you could include projects you worked on during coding challenges, Bootcamp, or volunteering to make up your portfolio. Moreover, your GitHub learning projects could also pass a sample in your portfolio.

Now with your well-prepared portfolio detailing your skills and knowledge, prepare for interviews with hiring managers. Build your confidence with enough practices and stay abreast of trends in the tech field to ace the interviews.

Improve your people skills as much as you work on your coding skills

Although a remote job position doesn’t require you to work from an office full of colleagues, it doesn’t serve you from relating to people. Hence, you have to develop your people skills as much as you develop your coding skills.

As a developer, you have to improve your communication skill and develop empathy since most of your projects have to do with what people consume. You have to learn how to think from people’s perspectives, develop user-friendly software, and form better relationships with teammates.

Prepare a home office or register at a coworking space

Most people made the mistake of preparing a home office or registering at a co-working space when they started their career as remote developers. Kindly avoid making this mistake because it would get you distracted and unproductive.

So as you prepare to land your first remote developer job and enjoy the convenience that comes with working remotely, never forget to get your office ready.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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