April 3, 2020

How to find the best AliExpress suppliers for dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business where finding the right suppliers is essential for the overall success of your business. AliExpress is one of the platforms that offer the most reliable and trusted dropshipping suppliers. In reality, in this type of business, your customers’ satisfaction depends on how well your suppliers perform their responsibilities. There are many factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a supplier. In this article, we are going to see how to find the best AliExpress suppliers for dropshipping.

What makes AliExpress the best source of suppliers for dropshipping stores?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why AliExpress is the best platform to find dropshipping suppliers.

  • Wide range of products

AliExpress is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms that hosts thousands of suppliers who offer its visitors a wide range of products. There are more than 100 million products presented on this platform. For entrepreneurs, AliExpress is a great platform, as there are various categories suitable for almost any audience. So you can set up the product catalog catering to the needs of any audience you choose.

  • Free access to potential suppliers and their ratings

It’s completely free to view the suppliers and products. No beforehand, payments are necessary. These features allow you to evaluate the credibility of the suppliers and their product quality. You’ll see how long has the supplier been running the store, feedback left by customers, the number of orders placed, etc.

  • Zero fees

When dealing with various dropshipping suppliers, they can demand extra fees, like paying for restocking or delivery, just to name a few. Partnering with suppliers on AliExpress, you won’t have to experience any extra payments during the period of your cooperation.

  • No markup limits

Some suppliers put restrictions on the markup of the prices. What this means is that the price of imported products can be increased only by a certain amount. However, there are no limits to this when working with the suppliers on AliExpress. In comparison to other online retailers, AliExpress sellers put lower prices on their offers. This makes it much easier for you to profit from this.

  • No restrictions on sales volume

Doing business with AliExpress’ dropshipping suppliers, you can order as many products as you want, depending, of course, on the stock.

  • No legal registration requirements

Most distribution companies work with legally registered companies that have been established for some time. Although, none of this is required to work with AliExpress suppliers. Many private individuals purchase various products not only to resell them but for their personal needs.

  • Worldwide availability

Some products can only be found and purchased through Internet stores. And with the dropshipping business model, you are able to reach people all around the globe. Unlike most wholesale suppliers, AliExpress allows shipping products to almost anywhere in the world.

How to pick the best products for dropshipping on AliExpress

Finding aliexpress bestsellers is easy, all you need is an eCommerce market research software and a bit of time.

  • Filter out the products

When you are searching for the products, make sure to tick the “4*&Up”, and sort the results by the number of orders. This way, you will see only high-quality products that have been ordered the most. Following these actions, you will be shown sellers that have been tested by other customers, and who are more reliable than others.

  • Analyze the history of the store and its rating

On AliExpress, you can see the store’s statistics over the years. You’ll be shown how long the store’s been operating, view the feedback that was left by other customers, and other helpful stats. There is a common belief that the longer the seller has been operating, the more reliable he is.

Also, take into consideration the supplier’s store rating. If the rating is high, it means that the customers are very satisfied with the quality of the products and services provided by the seller.

High ratings mixed with longevity should show you that the supplier is reliable and trustworthy.

  • Look at the product reviews

Stats don’t tell you everything. By exploring product reviews more closely, you’ll see if you should trust the supplier. Pick out from 8 to 10 items from a potential supplier and head to their product pages. There, visit the Feedback tab. By carefully studying reviews, you’ll be able to better understand the working process of the supplier. Look closely at the reviews that contain photos and see for yourself if the customer claims are true.

  • Look at the suppliers’ shipping terms

Don’t forget to look at the suppliers’ shipping terms. Can the product be delivered to your country and place of residence? After all, that’s probably where most of your audience will come from. What is the delivery time of the product? Most people are impatient and are easily irritated when it comes to waiting for the order to arrive. So make sure it doesn’t take too long for the product to be delivered, and your customers’ money to go to waste.

How to find reliable dropship suppliers on AliExpress

The AliDropship team offers a FREE all-in-one analytical service: Top Suppliers Insight. It is a free database that allows you to find reliable suppliers for your dropshipping store in just a few clicks.

As of the moment, there are over 700 reliable suppliers available to you. All of them provide high-quality products, quick delivery, and excellent customer service. The AliDropship team has made sure that everything is carefully categorized for the betterment of your search process. The list is updated constantly. Our goal is to ensure that you find the best suppliers that have already proven themselves.

Why is Top Suppliers Insights a valuable instrument in your search for the best AliExpress suppliers for dropshipping?

  • FREE and easy access to the top suppliers

We offer to you a huge database of the top dropshipping suppliers absolutely for FREE. All that is required for you to register. No extra fees are required.

  • All the information in one place

You’ll be able to see all the information on the suppliers:

  • Store name (the link to AliExpress is included)
  • Niches (which niches the seller might be associated with)
  • Followers (the number of people that follow a particular store)
  • Rating
  • Years (the duration of operation)

How do you register? Go to the official page of AliDropship Insight and complete the registration form.

Then check your inbox to access the registration link. Click the link and finish the registration process. You will be redirected to your AliDropship account. And, that’s it! A couple of minutes and you are presented with a list of the best AliExpress suppliers for dropshipping.

Now that you know how and where to find the best suppliers for your dropshipping business, you are one step closer to conquering the world of eCommerce. And we very much hope that this information was helpful to you and will bring huge success to your business in the near future.

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