July 28, 2020

How to Fix Quicken Error CC-502?

Quicken is a competent instrument offered to regulate all of your price range seamlessly. Bugs and mistakes are an element and parcel of all of the instrument,  Quicken Error CC-502 is one among them. It is a commonplace error that happens whilst seeking to replace your checking account into Quicken.

So, on this weblog, we will be able to talk about the reasons and signs of Quicken Error CC-502. Further, we will be able to additionally supply other answers to mend the mistake straight away and just be sure you don’t face the similar factor any longer.

Symptoms of Quicken Error CC-502

Following are the elemental signs of Quicken Error CC 502:

  1. You PC crashes frequently whilst operating the similar program.
  2. Windows turn into gradual and reply very slowly to mouse or keyboard.
  3. Your gadget freezes periodically.

What Causes Quicken Error CC-502?

There are a number of causes in the back of Quicken Error CC 502, few of them are given underneath:

  • An out of date model of Quicken: This downside arises when your financial institution makes some changes that aren’t configured in Quicken. Any unmarried exchange of their internet server can interrupt the updating procedure. Therefore, to keep away from Quicken error CC 502 you wish to have to put in the most recent model of Quicken.
  • Online account main points aren’t synchronized: Another reason why in the back of Error CC-502 can also be the account main points out of sync. In such instances, you wish to have to refresh the main points.
  • Quicken report is corrupted: This error might also rise up when the folder storing Quicken information will get corrupted.
  • Bank internet provider underneath repairs: Many occasions, the financial institution internet provider undergoes repairs which results in Quicken CC-502.
  • Virus assault: Any malware or virus assault too can consequence on this error. Hence, you will have to at all times stay your gadget junk-free.
  • Improper set up of Quicken: There are cases during which you don’t set up the instrument correctly or the set up is incomplete.

Methods to Fix Quicken Error CC-502 When Updating Accounts

Method 1: Update Quicken

  1. Firstly, open Quicken.
  2. Now, cross to Help and click on Check for Updates.
  3. Click Yes if you happen to see new updates.
  4. After that, practice the directions to finish the method.

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Method 2: Refresh Online Banking Details

  1. Go to Account Bar and in finding the account dealing with Error CC-502.
  2. Now, click on at the tools icon the proper facet or you’ll be able to press CTRL+Shift+N.
  3. After that, click on Update Now.

Method 3: Validate Quicken Files and Deactivate Account

  • First of all, navigate to Tools and make a choice Account List.
  • From the account checklist, click on Edit for the account having “Quicken Error CC-502”.
  • Now, click on Online Services after which click on Deactivate.
  • After that, click on Yes to substantiate.
  • Finally, click on Ok after which Done.
  • To be sure that Quicken report isn’t broken, practice those steps:
    1. Go to File and make a choice File Operations, then click on Validate and Repair.
    2. Check the choice with Validate File and click on Ok.
    3. Click on Save when the save transaction window will seem.
    4. Once it’s completed, you’re going to see a DATA_LOG. This will display if there’s any broken Quicken report.
    5. Next, shut DATA_LOG notepad.
  • Follow the stairs given underneath to reactivate Quicken account:
    1. Navigate to Tools and make a choice Account List.
    2. Now, click on Edit after which make a selection Online Services.
    3. Then, make a choice Set up Now.
    4. Enter your Username and Password.
    5. After that, it’s possible you’ll want to input Quicken ID & Password or Vault Password.
    6. Click on Connect.
    7. Make positive to LINK account knowledge with Quicken.

Method 4: Create New Quicken Test File

  • Firstly, click on File and make a choice New Quicken File.
  • Save the Test report with a reputation.
  • Now, click on Add Account.
  • Select your Account Type and input your Username & Password.
  • This will upload an account with a Test File. Click on Finish.
  • Click at the account from the Account bar.
  • This will display upcoming transactions.
  • Click on Accept All to check in them.
  • After that, replace your account in Test File.
  • Once it’s carried out, click on Done.
  • Next, navigate to Tools and make a selection Add Account.
  • Select your account sort and monetary establishment.
  • Enter the Username & Password. Click on Sign In then click on Connect.
  • Click on LINK- to current Quicken Account and make a choice the account dealing with Error CC-502.
  • Now, click on Next and Finish.
  • After this, click on One Step Update Icon.
  • Checkmark the account dealing with a topic and input the password.
  • Next, click on Update Now.
  • Click on Close when One Step Update Complete.

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