June 19, 2020

How To Fix White Screen Of Death: Causes And Solutions

The white screen of death occurs when your iPhone or iPad gets stuck on a white screen for more than 10 seconds and no signs of workability appear. When you will be facing a white screen of death issue, neither your apps nor your icons would appear on the screen and it will remain painfully white.

Unlike the black screen of death, which sometimes would have noises running in its back with the main screen gone black, a white screen of death shows ‘NO’ signs of life at all. You won’t be able to hear a single noise or beep or anything.

Despite having ‘death’ in its name, this problem is not as serious as it sounds and can be fixed using iOS system repair tools such as Dr.Fone – Repair (iOS) software. Other methods can be used to fix this iOS system problem too. All the reasons and methods to fix the white death of the screen issue have been explained in detail below.

What Causes White Screen Of Death Issue?

The basic reason why all of a sudden your iPhone screen goes white is corruption in iOS files. It occurs when you previously or were currently busy in jailbreaking into your iPhone and ended up messing up with the system files and software. Other reasons for the white screen of death occurring include a delayed firmware update and serious hardware damage.

If you haven’t updated your firmware for a long time or encountered problems while upgrading it, your iPhone screen goes white and becomes non-responsive. As for the hardware damages, they could range from your motherboard being exposed to water to your screen being disconnected from the boards on the inside. Thus, causing the screen on the outside to refuse your commands, show no signs of life, and be as white as death.

Methods to Fix White Screen of Death

The following are the methods you can use to recover from a white screen of death iOS system issue.

1. Hard Reset

There are two ways to hard reset your iPhone to get it past the white screen of death. The first one is by pressing the ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ button together for a few seconds. This should restart the device and a flash accompanied by the Apple logo must appear on your screen. Once you see both of these signs, let go of the buttons and let your iPhone start normally.

If this method doesn’t work for you, try the second hard reset procedure. It requires that you press and hold ‘Home’, ‘Power’, and ‘Volume up’ button simultaneously for more than 10 seconds. This method should also restart your iPhone with a flashing light and Apple logo. If that does not happen in your case, you might need to try the other methods mentioned below. The hard reset initiated by using these methods does not cause one to lose their data. Their data reins intact in the device.

2. Entering iPhone DFU Mode

The second method of recovering from the white screen of death is by entering the iPhone DFU Mode. iPhone DFU mode is the device’s firmware upgrade mode and is known for its ability to fix iOS system issues.

For entering the iPhone DFU Mode, use the following steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using data cable or any other USB device
  2. Press and hold the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button on your iPhone for about 4 seconds
  3. Release the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button and then press and hold the ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ button for around 10 seconds
  4. After 10 seconds, release the ‘Power’ button but keep the ‘Home’ button pressed for an additional 5 seconds
  5. After 5 seconds, your screen must turn black from white and the device must restart itself
  6. If it does, launch iTunes on your computer and restore your data from the back-up you have created
  7. If it doesn’t, you need the last method mentioned in this write-up
  8. Remember, if you did not create a back-up, you will not be able to restore your data.

3. Using Dr.Fone – Repair (iOS) Software (Recommended)

If your device does not respond to any of the two methods explained above probably it is time you get yourself a good recovery software. DR. Fone’s iOS system repair software works wonders for people stuck on the white screen of death.

In addition to this, there are instances where users get an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo while recovering from the white screen of death. In others, their devices fail to exit the iPhone DFU mode. Using good repair software will save you from encountering such issues as well.

All you need to do is go online at Dr.Fone – Repair (iOS), purchase your copy and reap the fruits. It is reasonably priced, user friendly, and easy to access from all kinds of OS-powered devices.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, launch it in a new window while keeping your device connected with the computer. Run it to download the recommended firmware for your phone and then press the ‘Fix it’ button to let the software further identify issues and solve them.

Moreover, once you have used it, you can let it sit in your device for as long as you want for future uses. It is a deal worth making since you gain repeated value for the price you pay only once.


The white screen of death issue is quite easy to solve as compared to the black screen of death issues. A little fixing of the iOS system does the job.

However, if your device does not restore even after you have tried using software then probably the problem is more serious and you need to call Apple support. You can contact them on their website and ask them for help. Under worst-case scenarios, you might have to buy a new device that doesn’t happen often in the white screen of death issues.

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