October 4, 2021

How to get a Beautiful Custom Home

Truoba is an architectural company gaining popularity rapidly; we offer modern planning solutions and designs that cater to your every need. If you want to get your custom-designed beautiful and elegant house plans, you can check out Truoba House Designs, a vast variety of designs are available and there is something for everyone. People can also buy already designed house plans on the Truoba page. It can be a little tricky to design an aesthetic and beautiful custom home, so, that’s we are going to discuss the ideas and techniques that we use and that you can also use to build an aesthetic and beautiful custom home.

Start Simple and Think About the Future:

The initial steps for a house plan must not be too complicated; you don’t need to use fancy and complex software to design your house. Start simply with a pencil and paper, keep in mind your requirements, and with just simple calculations you will start formulating a floor plan for your house. One really important thing that you should keep in mind when planning your home is the future, you should visualize where you will be in the next 20 years, for example, is your family going to grow in the next few years or are there going to be events and gatherings in the future that will take up more space. People are usually too occupied with planning that they forget to think about the future, this trend is evolving now, and people are planning their homes in accordance with the future.

Make Extra Room for Storage:

An important aspect of designing that is highly recommended is extra storage space, make sure you design decent sized storage areas and closets, people have a problem storing their stuff as time passes, and this stuff either gets thrown away or crammed into places around the house that really compromise its beauty, there are several ways to make subtle storage spaces in the house, it is recommended that you don’t go for one huge storage area, design a small storage area for every floor or you can build plenty of storage space by making hollow counters, instead of making them solid.

Focus on the Sunlight:

The major focus should be given to the inlets of natural light, natural light has a really powerful influence on human beings, and it really helps to lift up the beauty of the entire house. A really smart idea is to add skylights to maximize the natural light in your house, apart from the fact that natural light is quite beneficial for your mood it skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting and provide way more light than vertical windows. The place of vertical windows should also be taken into consideration depending upon the climate that your house is going to face through the year, for instance, If you plan on living in a hot climate, the majority of the windows should face the west, as the sun rises in the east and by the time it reaches the west side its sunlight is too weak to heat up the house.

Consider the Surroundings:

Keep in mind the topography and neighboring features of the area that you plan to build your house on, let’s say, if your lot has one side that faces other lots or houses and one side that faces a garden or an empty space, you would want to design your living room windows facing the side that overlooks the garden or any other beautiful and pleasing feature. In addition to this, also consider the slope of your lot, a custom home design of a flat lot would vary greatly from the one with a steep slope.

Keep in Mind the Electrical and Plumbing:

Think about the entire plumbing and electrical network of your house, house plan plays a major role in cutting the plumbing and electrical wiring costs, although the materials are cheap the labor costs can really add up to a huge amount, but you avoid that with smart planning, like, you can align the kitchen with the bathrooms, so you will only have to run piping along one wall, it is way cheaper and easier to do this rather than running it all through the house.

Design Rooms for Specific Use:

Having a separate utility space or laundry room is a really feasible idea, it’s better to have a dedicated space for your laundry rather than it being in the kitchen or in the garage. It makes the general look of the house much tidier and is way more adequate for carrying out your laundry chores. Do include a room or area for your hobbies in the floor plan, it’s your house and it should be fun and exciting for you to live in. Design a small cinema room if you are into movies, plan a small gaming area where your console or computer can be placed if you like video games, or just make a small office space for your business or work that is a little further away from all the other rooms.

Pondering on the ideas that have been discussed above will help you design the house of your dreams and Truoba is always at your service if you need any assistance in designing your perfect house.

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