August 3, 2021

How to Get a VoIP Number

A VoIP Number is provided by service companies working in the IP-telephony field. A monthly subscription fee is paid for the number and is fixed. In fact, a virtual number can be construed as a SIP account, which is used to receive services remotely at a minimal cost.

Virtual Phone Number Pros

  • There can be a few several lines – a limitless number of calls can be received.
  • No location binding – no matter where you are, choose a number with any code and make/receive calls, send/get SMS, and faxes.
  • Preservation of the number in case of moving.
  • Free on-net calls and cheap rates to mobile and landline phones.

Virtual numbers also have one peculiarity: a stable Internet connection is required for decent communication. You can lose client calls when the connection is broken. However, this singularity can be easily eliminated by setting up call forwarding to mobile numbers in case of an emergency. VoIP number improves the quality of customer service, speeds up communication between employees, especially in different cities, and optimizes work. At the same time, an employee on the staff is not needed to maintain the network, as the IP-telephony provider carries out all the procedures remotely.

What Numbers can be bought?

  • Toll-free. Customers can call numbers with the 800 code from landlines and cell phones. They are not charged to the individual, as all calls are paid by the owner of the number. It is convenient for companies that need to quickly contact customers. Such a number usage increases customer loyalty and influences the number of orders from the regions. The numbers with 800 also have an important psychological advantage. Usually, they are used by corporations, large businesses, and government organizations, to which it is important to organize feedback with customers around the world. A company with this number is perceived to be more stable and reliable.
  • For calls, SMS, and faxes. If you are wondering how to get a VoIP number that meets your demands, then you should pay attention to the Freezvon Company, as here you can order numbers with various additions. Moreover, there’s a possibility to use a free non-fixed virtual number (you don’t need to pay a monthly fee). Withdrawals will be performed only to pay for the incoming\outcoming calls, additional services, and new numbers.

What Should You Do?

In deciding to buy a virtual phone number, the person should sign up and log in on the website. Then it’s important to top up your balance and follow the instructions by choosing country, number type, and city. The user has to analyze his/her working perspectives and purchase a 1, 3, 6, or 12 months subscription.

Notice that the final price depends on the term. It’s important to check all the details and make sure that the entered data correspond to the facts and is fully correct. Complete the order and wait until the number becomes activated (it may take no more than 24 hours (in rare circumstances – longer)).

When you find out how to create a VoIP number, you will see that this process doesn’t require much time and any serious financial investments. Everything is clear and simple. Everyone can contact a company representative to get an answer to a question and consult in a case of need.

The abovementioned company, the same as some other service providers, offers not only simple usage of the basic features but also additional options. It’s about greeting messages, call recordings, IVR menus, voicemails, hold music, and other pleasant bonuses that increase the level of customer care and the status of the organization itself. The popularity of buying a virtual number will only grow because virtual services help solve business problems efficiently. You choose an IP-telephony provider once and conveniently use all its advantages.

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