October 22, 2020

How to Give Back When You Have an Online Business

Do you have an online business or e-commerce store and would like to give back to your favorite charities? Helping good causes can give you a lot of satisfaction, as well as helping to enhance your brand. Whether you want to help the environment or promote children’s charities, there are some simple ways to do this in 2020. Let’s take a look at genuine ways you can help good causes you care about through your business.

Include Donations at Checkout

Think about when you go into a supermarket or store. There are often charity boxes and collection points where customers can make donations. It is a simple way for people to help others in which it does not feel like an obligation. You can also offer a similar donation opportunity at your online store. For example, during the checkout process, you can include the option to donate to one of your charities.

Offer Sponsorships, Donate and Invest

There are always events run for charity throughout the year. Why not get involved and sponsor the event? Of course, this is a great way to give back and help the charity operate on the day. It also has the advantage of raising your business profile too. You can have fun and attend, whether it is offering swag bags or funding entertainment.

If you are an established business, you may want to help start-ups and other good causes that are out there looking for help. Indeed, you can start to invest and help other businesses grow during this difficult time. This is something that UK-based investor Tej Kohli does. While starting his career in Delhi, Kohli has since funded many amazing projects that have helped the local community. This has included curing corneal blindness and funding bionics to enrich peoples’ lives. You can do the same with good causes you believe in.

One of the easiest ways to give back when you have an online business is to make a donation. This is not something that you should forget about. This is going to feel great, whether it is a one-off payment or donating a percentage of your profits each month. Again, you can tell your customers about this and share all of the fantastic changes you are making.

Offer Charity Products

If it fits your brand, you can always offer charity products to your customers. This means that a percentage of the sales you make will be donated to that charity. It is a manageable way for your business to help the good causes you care about if you do not have a lot of money to spare. What’s more, it means that your customers enjoy a product and see something for their money. Everybody wins with this solution. For example, there are brands that sell charity merchandise, such as t-shirts, badges, mugs and memorabilia as a few examples.

The hope of giving back to your local community is that other people do the same. You can inspire people to get involved, as well as create a ripple effect for other businesses in your industry.

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