February 26, 2018

10 Ways To Increase Followers On Instagram! Know Here –

You might definitely realize by now that Instagram is a growing channel that lets people and organizations alike grow their brand. For businesses particularly, it’s an approach to adapt your brand, recruit future employees, exhibit your product and company culture, amuse clients, and create a new business.

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But unless you’re famous, it’s really hard to hoard a tremendous following on Instagram without some diligent work.

For an average person, it takes time and attention to grow your Instagram following. Fortunately, there are few ways you can do to get at least 1,000 genuine followers for your personal or professional account. All you need to know is how and where to invest your quality time and effort.

How To Increase Followers On Instagram?

  • Create and Optimise your Profile

Customise your profile to make it look and feel good. Give your followers a reason to follow to you. Tell them who you are and what you do.


Make sure you choose an appropriate username (mostly your brand name). It should be recognizable and easily searchable. Make sure you add your full business name in the “Name” field given in the “Options” section.

Make your profile “Public”. Choose a profile picture that has your brand logo.

Fill the “Bio” with informative and catchy information about your brand. This information lets people know what you are about, who you are and what you do. Add a hint of personality to it.

Add your business link to the Bio to make it easy for the people to navigate straight from Instagram to your website if they want to. Make the most use of your bio URL. Finally, enable notifications to keep you notified when people comment or share your photos.

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  • Photography and Editing Skills

On Instagram, Quality matters. A bad photo on Instagram is big No-No. You need not take a photography course to be good Instagrammer. You just need to be familiar with the basic in photography and editing.

When it comes to photography,

  1. Capture small details
  2. Look for symmetry
  3. Focus on one subject
  • Use Creative and Relevant Hashtags

You must be extremely creative when it comes to Instagram captions. Here’s where Hashtags come to picture. Mix up the words and use a hashtag that could tell a part of your story. Hashtags help you brand your ideas, messages and images. This has a long-lasting effect. The best way to brand your hashtags is to use it again and again. Make your Hashtags funny, outrageous or ironic but just don’t make them BORING.

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  • Be Descriptive with your Captions

A picture speaks a thousand words. That doesn’t mean you totally ignore the words. Alongside your Instagram photos, try storytelling. This could generate engagement, initiate interaction and sharing. Make sure that the content conveys what exactly you are trying to explain to your followers.

  • Create your own Instagram Style

If you really want to stand out on Instagram, you’ll have to be creative. Create a unique visual content style such that it will be recognizable every time a user sees your posts in their newsfeed.

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  • Promote your Hashtag

It’s good to create a hashtag for your company. Also, it is definitely necessary to promote your hashtag in order to let the users know to use it to share content about you. Make sure you use the hashtag in every post. Take things offline, print it on your receipts, in ads and at relevant events. Ensure that your hashtag is all over your social profiles, websites and email blasts by starting offline campaigns. Don’t just think that people will find it.

  • Participate in Popular Conversations

Try to promote your brand profile by participating in the most popular conversations. Share your profile link and add your hashtag in it. The really specific hashtags show more intent and help you find the right audience for you. But the universally trending hashtags like #instagood, #tbt, #ootd, #fun generally get you in front of more number of people.

  • Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos from your Profile

In case of Branding in Instagram, it is important to feature the best user-generated content about you and your brand. It is common to come across various irrelevant content you get tagged in. You actually can’t remove the tagged photos entirely but you can select the posts and hide them from your profile by selecting “Edit Tags”, selecting the ones you want to remove and choosing “Hide from Profile”. Instagram captions for friends.

  • Connect your Facebook to Instagram

I’d strongly encourage you to connect your Facebook account with Instagram. Once you link them, it will easy to cross-promote your accounts. You can share your Instagram posts with your Facebook Friends as well. This would create a relatively large audience for your posts.

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  • Like other People’s Photos

Do this as frequently as possible. By liking others photos, you can expect likes for your posts and followers as well. According to a report, for every 100 photos liked, one gets 21.7 likes and 6.1 more followers. Not bad, isn’t it?

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So there you have it! 10 ways to get more Instagram followers!

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