January 26, 2019

How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick With Alexa Voice Remote (Februar 2019)

How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick With Alexa Voice Remote (February 2019) – Today we will show you how to Jailbreak a fire stick. And, the insanely amazing part is that – this same process will also work on the fire TV, fire TV cube and fire TV television. Now hopefully your next question will all be about “What actually Jailbreaking Amazon Fire Stick Is?” Obviously not rocket science, it is as simple as a process of removing restrictions imposed by Amazon to allow for the installation of unauthorized softwares.How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick

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How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick With Alexa Voice Remote (January 2019)

Once you’ve jailbroken the fire stick, you can sideload applications onto the device that you normally can’t get through the Amazon app store. By doing so, your fire stick will have access to thousands of free movies, TV shows, Live channels, Sports and more. Now, the first thing that we want to do is just to jailbreak the Firestick so that we have the ability to install and use applications that are not available within the Amazon app store.

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This is a simple process. All we have to do is to hover over the settings tab and move down. Further, the first thing you must always do is just going into applications and you will notice that Setting in here i.e. collect app usage data. Now, make sure to turn it off so that Amazon could not monitor what you’re doing on your Fire Stick.

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Now, come back to the menu. Now move below a little bit more, click on the device, move down and click on the developer options. Now just make sure to turn on the “Apps from unknown sources.” What this is going to do is just to install the applications that are not the part of the Amazon App store. Click on that option and now make sure to click on Turn On button.

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Now congratulations that you have the ability to sideload the applications on to that device that is not available within the Amazon app store. Next, make sure to go to the Home of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Next, you must install a free alternative app store called Aptoide TV which will give you access to thousands of applications not available within the Amazon App Store. To do that, you may first want to download and install a free application through the Amazon App Store called Downloader.

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To do that, just hover over to the search icon and then search for the term downloader. As soon as you select the downloader option from Search Results and click OK button from your Remote or Alexa Voice Remote, you will next find the orange colour Downloader rectangle on the screen. Click that orange box under the Apps and Games category.

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Further, using your witty mind, just download, install and open this “Downloader” application. Now, if you are trying to do the same procedure from the Fire TV 3 or Fire TV Cube. You will be prompted with a message towards the bottom of the screen asking “Allow Downloader to Access Photos, Media and Files on your device?” Just make sure to click “Allow.” If even by mistake you click deny, this application won’t work properly.

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Now once the downloader is installed and opened, just move over to the settings tab, click that and you’re gonna see a setting in here and able JavaScript, highlight that and click the ok button your remote and then click the Yes button from the Popup. After enabling the JavaScript, click on the Home menu item within the downloader app and you will notice that the cursor is blinking in the URL box.

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To type, just click the OKAY button on your remote. Just clear whatsoever is already written there. Further input a URL shortcut that you’ve set up on your server that’s pointing to the Aptoide TV installation file or APK. after entering the address just click on Go button. Now you will notice that the application begins to download. Now, after the installation just presses the down arrow on your remote a few times, move over and then click install.

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Congratulations that Aptoide TV has been installed. After the application has been downloaded. Just don’t open the file instantly. Please make sure to click on the done button. Why? Because of this, a popup will appear in which you will be asked to delete the setup file. Once clicked on that, you may now delete the setup file as it is no longer required to us.

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