August 9, 2021

How to Know if Your Number Was Blocked by Someone

Have you ever experienced constantly trying to contact someone via call or text, but you can never seem to reach them? If you know what we’re talking about, the person you’re trying to get ahold of has likely blocked your number. Don’t feel bad—it’s a fairly common response that people have, especially if you’ve been in a fight with that person or they’re upset with you for some reason.

That being said, how can you tell if someone has blocked your number or if they’re just busy? Well, there are actually some telltale signs that can help you. For instance, the call always gets disconnected, or you get redirected to voice mail. Of course, the most accurate way to know if someone has blocked you is to ask them directly. But understandably, this can be an awkward or uncomfortable task for many people, so here are some of the most common indicators that someone has blocked your number.

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Common Indicators That You’ve Been Blocked

The Number Is Always Busy

If someone you’re trying to contact missed your call, they’d normally leave a message letting you know that they’re still busy and that you should contact them later. However, if the other person’s line is always busy, and they never message you back explaining the situation, they’ve likely added your number to their blocked list. If this is the case, you’ll likely hear the message “The number you’re calling is busy, please try again later” over and over again.

Calls Redirect to Voice Mail

Another indicator that someone no longer wants to be in contact with you is when you’ll be immediately redirected to voice mail after one or two rings. This isn’t a common ringing pattern, as voicemail is typically offered after the regular set of rings. If you’ve experienced this when trying to contact someone, there’s a chance that they’ve blocked your number.

You Hear an Unusual Message When You Call

Similar to the first point, if you keep hearing the message “The person you’re calling is unavailable right now” every time you try to call someone, it could be because they’ve blocked your number. If it only happens once or twice, it wouldn’t be unusual—but if you’re constantly greeted by this message after calling several times, you know what it means.

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They Never Call or Text Back

If someone still refuses to contact you after you’ve sent them several text messages and left them multiple voice messages, you may have to accept the fact that your number has been blocked. It’s a very awkward feeling to expectantly wait for the other party to respond, but this should be a clear hint at this point.


Being blocked by someone, especially someone you care about, can sometimes feel like you’ve been punched in the gut. If you think there’s been some kind of mistake, you can look for other ways to contact them, such as via email or social media. You can confirm with them whether they’ve blocked you, and if they did, you could clarify what you did wrong. Hopefully, you will be able to settle things with the other person.

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