December 18, 2019

How To Overcome Hating On Your Blog Or Social Media Page

Some Words About Haters

In the world, some people constantly care for the work of the others and they lend a positive critic about different aspects in the work and how that person should change some things to obtain better results, but, on the other hand, some people are just the opposite, it doesn’t matter what do you do, they always are trying to destroy your work and passion just because they have an incredible amount of free time and they don’t care about their actions and how they are just making internet a worse place, these individuals are often called “haters”.

This particular name comes due to their behavior to throw hate to everything, in the actual days it’s not rare to see any celebrity who doesn’t have haters or famous websites comments where haters try to leave negative reviews to destroy your fame, but, I’m going to give you a recommendation, you shouldn’t care about them, let me explain you with the next article, why they can give you more benefits than you can ever imagine.

Find Out Who Are The Haters With Spokeo

Let’s make things clear; if you simply don’t like the presence of haters on your website or blog, then you should use Spokeo to finish them forever.

Spokeo is a very useful tool if you want to obtain any information about certain people, it doesn’t matter that you don’t even know it, the only thing that’s required to start a search is the name of the person, a Gmail or more specifically a phone number.

Among these three options, the best one without any doubt is the phone number search that, with the help of the instruments of Spokeo, you could perform.

Now, you maybe are questioning something… Why do I need this information?

Well, let’s just say that if a hater is being incredibly annoying or it’s making some comments that are way off base, then you can just put a demand in the nearest police station for different motives like cyberbullying, physicological attacks against some people, and so much more, however, if I were you, I wouldn’t do anything like this, because with the presence of haters some positive things can happen, now is time to see the main (and maybe only) advantage of having some haters on websites.

Haters Are Your Advertising Strategy

This can confuse a great number of people, how it’s possible to gain more advertising with bad reviews? Well, let just say that if you’re smart enough, then it’s possible to gain even money with haters.

It’s ironic, but with the bad reviews or spam of bad comments in the comments section of websites, you’ll be able to obtain free advertising, have you heard about the phrase “any publicity is good advertising” then you should know everything about this topic and the results of it.

Let’s say that a hater gives an anti-advertising to her friends, that action will start a miniature business for you, because if the hater friends’ decide to visit your blog, two incredible things can happen, the first one is the possibility of that person ends admiring your blog content and it will end by your side, making it a very reliable marketing movement (if the content that you offer is good then everything will be alright) and the second option is the fact that is you have ads enabled, then it doesn’t matter what kind of review that person will have, because with the visit of him you’ll end making money which is a free win for you my friend.

So, if you have an infestation of haters, then don’t worry, if you’re confident with what you’re offering, this will be good for the website’s existence.

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Haters Are Deeply Unhappy

Every hater have a particular behavior, which explains in a certain way their confusing attitude, their tendency to hate everything, it doesn’t matter what kind of work is, they just throw it away and leave lots of bad reviews which can prejudice the blog fame or popularity among some other internet users, but, why are they like this?

Different psychologists have started some investigations about this topic, and the results were very similar; haters just have enough free time, or they don’t care about their public image or how their actions can destroy a person.

Haters can be a real problem if you don’t know how to deal with them, making their presence a bit inconvenient for the ones who own websites or blogs, because they can destroy the positive reviews of your true followers by spamming nonsense in the comments section, and this is annoying because maybe you can stop a hater, but then it can come back just by changing his IP or with other accounts, so, one of the best ways to get rid of them is using Spokeo like it was described previously, use this method only if you can’t control the situation or if your integrity is in danger due to criminal stalking or cyberbullying.


You can make a great profit out of the hater’s behavior just being more smarter than them, I mean, you can even make money out of this situation! Who doesn’t like that?

But, let’s makes thing clear once again if you want to end this hater situation then just start a phone number lookup in Spokeo to search the identity of that annoying person.

In some cases, this situation can develop some negative attitude to the owners of blogs due to the loss of positive review due to haters presence, but remember, you’re the one who decides when it’s time to end that situation, don’t get owned by those people who only exist to damage others!

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