July 26, 2022

How to Protect Your Child’s Privacy with the New iOS 16 on your iPhone

The new iOS 16 is getting ready to be released in September in the market and will be used by many iPhone users soon enough. When the new iOS is released, the developers update their applications according to it, and the apps that are not updated with iOS don’t work on it. Now there are countless free phone tracker apps available in the market, but almost none of them work with the latest updated iOS, which makes them useless.

If you want to protect your kid by tracking their phone activity, you need an app that is up to date, and FamiSafe is the best choice for you in this regard; why? Read the article to know!

Part 1: The Main Features of iOS 16 You Should Look For

Are you looking for the new unique features that Apple will introduce in iOS 16 for its new iPhone 14 users and old iPhone users till iPhone 8? Following are some of the fantastic features included in iOS 16:

1. Lock Screen

With iOS 16, Apple will offer a whole gallery of wallpapers to select from, so you have a wide range of choices. Instead of just looking at the default wallpaper, you can change it to whichever one you like. The wallpaper can be switched, styled, and edited as well. You can also add widgets like calendar, weather, alarms, battery level, and many other widgets on your screen.

Live activities from the Lock Screen will keep you updated on many activities without unlocking your iPhone. Apple will also update the notification layout; you can view your notifications in a list, stacked, or count view. These and many new Lock Screen features will arrive with the latest update.

2. Messages

iOS 16 will come with a lot of new features in iMessage. Many times, we wished to edit the message that had been sent accidentally. Apple will make it possible by adding an edit feature in the Messages; you will be able to edit your message within 15 minutes after you have sent it. Not just that, you can unsend any message or mark messages as unread. If you accidentally delete a message, Messages will allow you to recover it within 30 days in this update.

With the new updates in Messages, you can collaborate via the Messages app by sending any file, note, or reminder. If someone tries to make any changes to the project, you will be informed about it. Sharing what you’re up to via Messages will become even better with the new iOS 16.

3. Safari

The default internet browser of Apple will also be updated and come back even better with the new features and updates. Safari Tabs will be shared with friends, making working together from Home even easier. The Tab group feature that came with iOS will get even better in iOS 16, and you will be able to customize your tabs the way you want by changing their background.

The Web Translation will be available in many more languages than before; the new update will provide Web Translation in Thai, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. iOS 16 will allow you to edit your Wi-Fi password in Safari, edit it if it’s changed, or delete the one that is no longer needed.

4. Home

The Home app will change a lot, and its design will become more user-friendly, making it even easier to organize and view accessories. The improved update will improve the Home app experience by making it smarter. With the new update, you will get a better view of your Home and stronger access to everything.

Accessing a specific accessory will become relatively easy because the system will categorize particular accessories in one category and so on. This means if you want to turn off the light from anywhere in the home, you can go to the light category and control everything even better.

home app new updates

5. Apple Pay and Wallet

Apple Pay will save your ID card information, and you can share your information directly with the apps that require your information in any way. With the iOS 16 update, apps will only ask you for the information required to execute a transaction, and you can see the transaction details before approving the transaction. Apple Pay will allow you to pay later; you can pay in cash in four installments easily with Apple Pay. This app will keep you updated on how much you have paid and the amount you still owe.

It allows you to manage your finances in a fast and better way. With Apple Cash, you can manage your payments directly from your wallet. The payments and all the purchases you will make can be reviewed on Apple Cash. Hence, Apple Pay will cover all your paying activities in the best way.

Part 2: Wondershare FamiSafe – The Tool Parents Should Consider Use on the New iOS 16

Parents these days have to take extra care of their kids to protect them from mishaps. Many parents rely on Wondershare FamiSafe for the protection of their kids. It has maintained its trust in parents because of its fantastic services and many features relating to monitoring your child’s activities.

Mobile addiction has become a significant issue in the young generation. FamiSafe can help you to keep your kids safe from such obsessive habits and make them more creative. Take a quick look at some of its key features below to get an idea of what this app has in store for you:

Key Features

  • Monitor your kid’s screen time and what apps they spend most of their time on. You can restrict the app by limiting the time or blocking a specific app, so they do not spend more time on the phone.
  • See how your kids drive and get real-time driving reports with FamiSafe. This app also shows the speed your kid is driving at and informs you in case of any overspeeding.
  • You can monitor all phone activities of your kids; this app gives daily activity reports so you can get an overview of their activities.
  • Manage the type of content you want your kids to see and keep them safe from watching any violent or disturbing content. You can take control of what your kids see.

Wrapping Up

In today’s age, where everyone stays up to date and smartphones have taken over the world, it becomes challenging for parents to keep up with their children and protect them. Keeping that in mind, this article suggests a parental control application that can help all parents trying to safeguard their kids.

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