February 7, 2016

How to Respond to Weird Interview Questions from Tech Giants like Google and Apple

The interview is obviously a key to landing a job. To say it in a more professional way, an interview is a typical conversation between an interviewer and the interviewee where the aspiring candidate needs to be quite strong and confident so as to crack the interview. There are several software companies like Google and Apple which are popular and are known for bounteous things – like the perks, the pay, and the corporate culture. To counter the weird questions asked in such interviews, one should be quite witty, charming and natural self. It is because the interviewers sitting over there have the capability to see your reality even through masks.

Not all interviews go in a more professional way where the interviewer poses questions related to some tech related stuff or some other company queries. Sometimes, you may come across some bizarre interview questions that seem quite notorious for asking. Here are some weird questions popular tech companies like Tesla, Virgin, and Amazon have asked the candidates who attended the job interview. Check out some ideas for how to answer them:

How to Answer Most Weird Questions at Job Interviews?

It is quite an arduous even for an experienced candidate to answer some weird kind of questions at the job interviews by the tech giants like Google, Apple, etc. Tomas Ondrejka explains in a recent blog post on Kickresume.com that employers direct to toss curveballs like “On a scale of one to 10, how weird are you?” to determine various attitudes and skills of the job seeker. Here are some points how an interviewer checks the capabilities of an aspiring candidate:

  • Analytical thinking skills.
  • Observes how the candidate reacts to something they did not expect.
  • Decide whether this person can think on their feet and outside the box.

Weird Interview Questions

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Your answers should be straight without any lag as the interviewer might not be patient enough to hear your explanations and proofs. Here are some key points for answering such weird questions:

  • Your answer doesn’t have to be especially brilliant, but it should be somehow creative. 
  • Take your time to think about it, but don’t end up staring at the wall for a few minutes.
  • Try to highlight some of your strengths in your answer.
  • Think of something that wouldn’t be a usual or common answer to the question.
  • Make yourself easy to remember!
  • If you can’t think of anything interesting, just say an honest answer. It is much better than saying nothing.

Weird Interview Questions At Popular Tech Companies

Here are some bizarre interview questions asked at the major tech companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Virgin, SpaceX and many more. Have a look!

1. Most Weird Question by the CEO of the popular company SpaceX – Elon Musk.

Weird Interview Questions Asked At Spacex

2. Typical Question by the HR boss of the tech giant Google – Laszlo Bock.

Google - Bizarre Interview Questions Asked by Google HR

3. Unexpected Interview Question Asked by the CEO of Zappos – Tony Hsieh.

Strange Interview Questions

4. Strange Interview Question Asked by the CEO of Apple – Tim Cook.

Bizarre Interview Question Asked by Apple CEO

5. Weird Interview Questions By the CEO of Amazon – Jeff Bezos.

How to Answer Weird Questions At Amazon Interviews

6. Bizarre Interview Question by the CEO of Virgin – Richard Branson

Strange Interview Questions by CEO of Virgin company

How you respond to this challenges is important. Just smile, breathe deeply and give yourself a moment to think about your answer. Impress your prospective employer and land your dream job!

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