January 12, 2015

How To Root Your Android Smartphone Easily

Root your Android smartphone easily without any complications right away using free Windows utility Kingo Android Root which allows you to customize the settings and take control of the smartphone easily. Go through this whole post and get to know more how you can Root your Android device easily with much effectiveness in a short span of time.

How TO Root Your Android Smartphone Easily Using Kingo Android Root

Root Android Smartphone with Kingo Android Root

Rooting of an Android device allows its users to get access to run special high-end applications and get privileged control over the smart device. In other words Rooting of Android device allows the users to unlock the pre-defined OS and replace the firmware with the user’s desired firmware and makes the job of customization of the smart device more easy and convenient. Tech geeks might have been familiar with the Android smartphone rooting while it may sound and may correspond like scary and risky perplexed process. There were few instances where a single wrong move or option had come led to worst consequences which are unexpected and undesired.

Fortunately, Kingo Android Root made this job of Android Rooting a simple kids game and well-fixed with all coveted features. Kingo Android Root has been good at the benchmark tests and went on well during the tests and the mesmerizing fact is that it is absolutely free. We commend users to check out the compatibility of their device to minimize any sort of error while rooting your smartphone. Go through the step by step guide to Root your Android smartphone using Kingo Android Root.

Before going along Rooting your Android smartphone do exercise these steps,

  • Make sure that your device is charged to 60 % at least as it may turn off during the rooting process interrupting the whole thing.
  • Enable the USB Debugging option by browsing through Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging.
  • Make sure that you have all the USB drivers of your corresponding Android smartphone.
  • Have a backup of all your data using the default authorized desktop manager for android or any third-party app downloaded from the Google Play store.

Step by Step Simple Guide to Root Android Smartphones Easily Using Kingo Android Root

Step 1: Kingo Android Root must be downloaded and installed in your PC/Laptop. CLICK here to Download Kingo Android Root.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

How TO Root Your Android Smartphone Easily Using Kingo Android Root

Step 3: Connect your Android Smartphone to the PC/Laptop using a USB Cable and Run Android root on your PC.

How TO Root Your Android Smartphone Easily Using Kingo Android Root

How TO Root Your Android Smartphone Easily Using Kingo Android Root

Step 4: After successfully pairing your Android smartphone with Laptop/PC, click Root option and hold yourselves back patiently while the Kingo Android Root whole job.

Step 5: Congratulations you Android smartphone has been rooted successfully and if you wish to revert the changes which were made to your Android smartphone then connect your smartphone again with the  PC/Laptop repeating the prior process and click Remove Root option which would undo the changes.

Wasn’t that much easy and a pleasurable job of Android rooting your smartphone. Share your views and Android rooting experiences with us hitting the comments below and share this trick for a rooted Android phone with your friends.

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