August 5, 2020

How to Use the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

Amazon sellers of today have a lot of accessible tools to help them grow their business. These software applications are designed to help them advertise, search, learn about their products, and the business profits of other people. A notable product used mostly by newcomers and power sellers would be the Jungle Scout

A Brief Introduction of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is essentially a dedicated product research tool for Amazon Sellers. It could calculate the number of items sold per product and give access to hidden products in the Amazon database. Jungle Scout helps you build a profitable Amazon business by uncovering potential products to sell.

The software Jungle Scout is designed to use data to inform you of winning business ideas and make you able to apply it to your own. To get the full grasp of the application’s features, check this complete review of Jungle Scout and be knowledgeable on its capabilities. Jungle Scout is both a WebApp, and it also provides a Chrome extension that can be used by Amazon Entrepreneurs.

Is Jungle Scout Worthwhile?

Purchasing Jungle Scout for your use as an Amazon Seller depends on these three factors:

  • Retail Arbitrage

Using Jungle Scout product research with Retail Arbitrage is simple. It is like walking around retail outlets to find sale items. Once you choose an item, you can check their market rate to see if there is an opportunity for growth. Retail Arbitrage is considered static by most when it comes to expansion, but the scale propagation for it lies within your efforts.

  • Private Label

Jungle Scout product research used with Private Labels doesn’t look at individual listings, it looks at entire groups of similar products to determine if sales are high. If competition and customer satisfaction are low. This would signal a new product could be made within this niche and improve upon their features.

In terms of growth, this presents the highest opportunity for profit, but also the riskiest as you’re creating a new brand. It is the fastest-growing method for an Amazon seller. You do not rely on a massive investment like wholesale but instead, rely solely on original ideas and creativity.

  • Wholesale

Product research for Wholesale revolves around looking for the product prices on Amazon. To harness yourself a possible sale, this involves the process of checking out a product with your supplier and comparing it to another seller’s product. Search for the products’ shipping rates, profitability, and competitive strength for your profit.

This method absolutely requires software like Jungle Scout. The software tool could give you all this information and to track it in the future, if it moves forward.

A Guide to Use Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension

  • Installation:
    • Subscribe and Sign Up for Jungle Scout.
    • Ensure Google Chrome is your browser.
    • Log into the member’s area of Jungle Scout.
    • Click the extensions tab of the Chrome homepage.
    • A page will open, click on the button “Install Chrome Extension”.
    • The Jungle Scout Extension would auto-download and install.
    • A Jungle Scout icon would appear at the top right of your Chrome within the extensions tab.
  • Use the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension:
    • Verify the existence of Jungle Scout’s Icon on the top right of your Chrome.
    • Go to Amazon’s homepage.
    • Search for an Amazon product you desire to sell.
    • Click on Jungle Scout’s Extension icon.
    • Let Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension populate the list of products similar to your search:
      • Delete other products not associated with the product of your choice.
    • Check for features and statistics of the product that Jungle Scout can show you:
      • Product Name
      • Brand
      • Category
      • Rank
      • Monthly Sales
      • Daily Sales
      • Revenue
      • Rating
      • Seller


Jungle Scout is an excellent product research tool for new or experienced Amazon Sellers. The software comes into the form as a WebApp, or as a Google Chrome Extension, making your research an easier task. Jungle Scout can provide you statistics and a good idea for a business model surrounding the product you want to sell.

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