March 26, 2019

How To Withdraw Money From Dream11 To Paytm Without PAN Card

How To Withdraw Money From Dream11 To Paytm Without PAN Card – You must have heard of Dream11. You may also have heard that lakhs of rupees can be earned from Dream11. But, still, many out there are confused with it’s working mechanism. Thus, today’s guide on ALLTECHBUZZ media will not only teach you How To Withdraw Money From Dream11 To Paytm Without PAN Card.

But also, we will let you know about How to make money with Dream11. Is it legal or illegal in India? Or what should be done with the Dream11 app from which money is earned? First of all, let’s learn, what actually is Dream11?   How To Withdraw Money From Dream11

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How To Withdraw Money From Dream11 To Paytm Without PAN Card

Dream 11 is just a website, on which you can create your own team by selecting the players of real-life upcoming matches or games. If the players you’ve selected perform well in the Real matches, then the rankings of your players will be improved and vice versa is the case if chosen players don’t perform well in the real matches.

And, as soon as your virtual players perform well, your rankings will be improved, following which, you’re awarded the prize. This prize is the income from Dream11. There are two types of games that are being played, first, are those which completely depends on luck, they come under the gambling category. 

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While there are other category games in which, skills are also there along with the luck. But, since you’re choosing your players in the team by luck right here, that’s why Dream11 is legal in India.

It doesn’t fall under the Gambling category. The three states in India i.e. Assam, Odisha and Telangana are the only states in our country India in which Dream 11 is illegal.

Now, let’s talk about, what is to be done in Dream11 from which the money is earned. First of all, either you will have to visit it’s a website or you will have to download its application. In case you’re using an iPhone, then you will easily be able to download it from the App Store. 

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But, in case you’re having Android Phone, then you will have to visit the official website and download the Dream11 App from there. As soon as the Application is installed on your mobile phone, you will have two options to continue.

One is to sign in directly and the other one is to sign in by using the Referral Code. There is one disadvantage if you sign in directly, i.e. you don’t get any amount, and to start playing the game, you will have to load your amount.

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But, in case you don’t sign in directly, and sign in by referral code, then you will be already getting Rs. 100 to start over.

So, in the left below corner, click on Referral Code, then on the next page, enter invite code, mobile number, Email and Password. After logging in, you will have to select anyone from the list of the Upcoming Matches. You can select the match exact 1 hour before it’s started in real life.

The remaining time in which the match will be started is also mentioned between the names of the team. Now you can select any match and for your teams, you will have to choose your 11 players from a total of 22 players.

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Because of the referral code, you’ve got a total of 100 points, now as soon as you select any player, the points will be deducted, like 9 points for some player and 8.5 for other or so on, depending on their performances.

You will have to separately select the bowlers, batsman, wicketkeepers etc. Now, once you’ve selected the players, you can click on Team Preview, after that, please click on the Continue button.

After that, on the next page, choose your Captain and Vice Captain. For how many runs Captain scores, you will be getting 2X runs and for how many runs the vice-captain scores, you will be getting 1.5X runs.  

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After that, all you need to do is to click on Save Team. The details will be given right there that you will get 0.5 points for 1 Run, 4 points for 1 catch and 12 points for 1 wicket. Now you will see lots and lots of contests which have already been created by the company.

You will have to give the anti-charge depending upon the price. Like for example, there is rupees 10 lakhs contest which is divided between the 35,000 winners and the entry price is Rs. 26 in case you will want to enter this Mega contest. 

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Now, click on the right-hand side menu. After that, just check “My profile” section, My rewards and offers, my referrals, My info and settings, print system etc. Under your My Balance section, the total amount you have will be shown.

Now, just keep on thing in mind that as soon as you will click on My Balance section, you will get the next page through which Add Cash and Withdraw options will be there.

There is a very simple rule for Balance Withdrawl, i.e. to Withdraw the Balance, there must be at least 200 rupees in your Dream11 account.

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If you’re thinking that you can earn Lakhs or Crores of Rupees from Dream11, then, it’s a kind of wastage of time. Because, in general, there is a contest in which Prize money is of lakhs of INR, but that amount is distributed between 50,000 to lakhs of people.

There are various tours to explore such as – Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, ICC Women’s World Cup and Big Bash League.

The main reasons to get these apps are for the exclusive features i.e. Invite your friends and get Rs. 100 cash bonus per friend, Build your own fan following. Follow people and see what they share, right in you’re free, Play more, level up and get exciting rewards.

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Here are a warning and disclaimer from the side of ALLTECHBUZZ team that you may either win or lose lots and lots of money under this game. So, you’re kindly requested to put the money into Dream11 on your own risk.

Unless otherwise explicitly specified, Dream11 is not affiliated in any way to and claims no association, in any capacity whatsoever, with any sports governing bodies and leagues, including, but not limited to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) or the Indian Premier League (IPL) or Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). This is what the Disclaimer from the side of Dream11 says.

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Hopefully, with this guide on ALLTECHBUZZ, all your related queries such as – How to Withdraw money from Dream11 to Paytm without Pan Card in Telangana, Also, you can transfer the money of Dream11 or not or what are Dream 11 withdraw rules and time in Hindi etc. have been cleared to you.

But, still, if you’re having any question regarding How To Withdraw Money From Dream11 To Paytm Without PAN Card, just let us know in the comment box below.

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