March 20, 2021

i-Ready – How to Login and Use the Platform

i-Ready Login is the official portal of the educational website i-Ready. I-Ready provides the perfect option for students who want to make teaching fun and easy. This online portal, i-Ready Login, is one of the flagship products of Curriculum Associates and helps both students and teachers improve classroom technology.

The popular software i-Ready provides student guidance, performance appraisal, and progress reports based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of K-12 in math and reading. Students make I-ready assessments and receive various online information as per their ability.

Moreover, schools and districts can easily receive customized reports on student performance and progress throughout the year. Schools purchase licenses for each subject, district-wide, and with discounts for multi-functional packages.

If you are interested, this post will help you learn everything you need to know about i-Ready. Happy reading!


I-Ready manages a suite of 4 different tools:

  • i-Ready Diagnostic – provides an adaptive diagnostic in K-12 Reading and Mathematics
  • i-Ready Online Instruction – online instruction targeted on K-8 based on diagnostic
  • i-Ready for Students
  • i-Ready Standards Mastery – mini standards-based assessments
  • iPad apps – games supporting online instructions

i-Ready Diagnostic

i-Ready begins with an adaptive test that determines each student’s academic abilities in math and reading. Simply to say, the difficulty level will changes as your kid answers every question. Questions can get a bit challenging to solve each time a question is answered correctly and a little easier when they are answered incorrectly. The goal is to determine what level of math or reading is “right” for your child, so your child should expect too difficult questions, and that’s okay! This means that the test is working correctly.

The results of that test can help you and your child’s teachers in identifying precisely which areas your child needs help with, as well as his or her strengths. This information can be used to create individualized instruction meeting the unique requirements of each kid. And because the test is taken multiple times during the school year, teachers will be able to measure progress and growth throughout the year.

i-Ready Instruction

With i-ready, students get to have digital instructions that meet them at the level where they are. This enables your kid to work independently on his personal online teaching plan, with lessons being prepared based on the results of the Ready Diagnostic Test. The tutorial consists of three sections, including a tutorial, instructional process, and classification activity.

This interesting format and attractive content prompt students. It attracts. Students receive helpful, real-time feedback on their progress in each skill. After completing the lesson, they find encouraging messages and earn credit, which promotes investment in their education.

Students begin with the program, and the first thing to do is to choose a custom theme for taking i-Ready Subject Diagnosis in Reading and Mathematics. Adaptive Diagnosis has different levels of difficulty that are primarily based on previous answers given by the student.

Right answers lead to more difficult questions, and wrong answers lead to easier questions. Upon diagnosis, students work on personalized online instruction that includes interactive lessons, sample problems, and practice problems with colorful and diverse online letters. Students earn tokens to complete each lesson, which they can use to play on the stage.

The school can offer additional diagnoses throughout the year, with the i-Ready standards being mastered. In addition to online lessons, i-Ready has developed a number of iPad apps that are exercise-based and complement online training. Applications fit into the classroom scenario and include vocabulary, multiplication and division facts, and abstract math. Parents can log into the platform to view student progress and class results.

i-Ready for Teachers

Teachers can get detailed reports on the diagnostic performance of every student, including the overall grade level in math and reading and the grade level for sub-skills in both subjects. Secondary reading skills include phonological awareness, comprehension of informational text, and proficiency in other languages. Sub-skills in math include measurement, data, and geometry.

Diagnostics assigns each student to a profile group based on their diagnostic grade level, useful for small group activities and for providing specific instruction. After the diagnostics, teachers can assign specific lessons to students based on a sub-skill or a specific standard. Teachers can download i-Ready lesson guides that complement inst’s one-on-one online instruction.

In the i-Ready Dashboard, reports provide international information on students who are below grade level, missing lessons, or performing poorly on the assessment. Individual student reports include Lexil (measures of reading level) and Quantile (measures of math ability). The Resources tab provides user guides for parenting software and character templates.

i-Ready for District and School Administrators

District and school professionals have similar approaches to teachers but with comprehensive reporting efficiency. District professionals can review reports ranging from district level to individual student records. School and district-specific reports include the number of students targeted for grade level as well as the number of students at risk by school, class, or class. There is the option of year-to-year comparisons between multi-year licensed schools and districts.


i-ready Diagnostic licenses begin from $6 per year, per subject, per student. However, licenses for both i-Ready instruction and i-Ready Diagnostic start at 30 dollars per year, per subject, per student. Every school must buy at least 150 licenses.

Institutes that buy district-wide licenses or licenses that have multi-year validity receive discounts.

i-Ready iPad apps are free to download on the iTunes store. For detailed pricing, you can visit the official website.


A research study performed by the Educational Research Institute of America discovered that i-Ready Diagnostic scores could predict the actual scores that students gain within one grade level on New York State Match and English Language Arts assessments having 95 percent accuracy. A similar study performed at the Northwest Missouri State University also confirmed that using this software, I ready, in public schools of Ohio led to major improvements of state tests as compared to the non-users of the program.

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