15 Toughest Interview Questions And Smart Answers By IAS Toppers

IAS interview question10

We’ve all been attended some typical job interviews where we unearth ourselves thrown off by a question posed by the interviewer. At a job interview, most people will be prepared for the basic questions and some of them even try to prepare for what the inquirer will ask us. There are no means of discerning what eccentric inquests will be made as we strive hard to impress a prospective head of the company. While coming to the Civil service exams and its interviews we can say it as the toughest interview without any doubt. But the answers to those questions can be given in a smart way. Sometimes these answers may seem very fine. But thinking out of the box, those answers can be treated as the best answers and candidates can be considered as the intellectuals.

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Here are the 15 Such questions to which smart answers were given:

Question #1

IAS interview question15

Question #2

IAS interview question1

Question #3

IAS interview question2

Question #4

IAS interview question3

Question #5

IAS interview question4

Question #6

IAS interview question5

Question #7

IAS interview question8

Question #8

IAS interview question7

Question #9

IAS interview question9

Question #10

IAS interview question6

Question #11

IAS interview question11

Question #12

IAS interview question12

Question #13

IAS interview question13

Question #14

IAS interview question10

Question #15

IAS interview question14

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Question no 10 is missing


Very smart answers !!

Sahil Wadhwa

I answered 7 of them without looking at answers

Evans Bett

This is actually a mind-blow answered in a different perspective,i… Read more »

These questions are not the easy to answer.Clearing these question… Read more »

dipak jagdale

Salute to candidate

Very smart answers. My sister is 13 and she had… Read more »

It’s my first time here on your blog, and I… Read more »

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Pragati mishra

that’s wat really cll……. “A SMART REPLY” I’M Really inspired… Read more »


What if I say I am more older than your… Read more »


sir I want to become ias …. I want even… Read more »


Thanx i like it seriously plzz post up more such… Read more »


Thanx i like it seriously plzz post up more such… Read more »

Very smart solutions


very smart answers…first time i visit this block..very nice


Awesome answers…… But too much funny ???


Too much funny…… And awesome answers???

Anil Agrahari

I answered eight of them without looking the answer.


I like to become IAS….so sir could you have any… Read more »

Vidhya sagar

I completed my masters in India and again masters from… Read more »




Nice solution???

Afreen khan

I answered 14 of them without looking the answers

saurabh Kashyap

I answered all the 15 questions bcz I had read… Read more »

shashank singh

I answered all the question