September 22, 2017

How To Identify Any Unknown Song With The Help Of Siri

Got a song stuck in your head? It happens very often that we tend to like a song playing somewhere while working on a laptop or watching an online movie and do not have any clue about the song. What will you do in that situation? Most often we end up frustrated by failing to search the right song. In order to avoid such situation, Apple has provided you an option to identify a song with the help of Siri on your MacBook.


While this feature exists in iPhone and iPad, Siri cannot identify a song playing on it’s own device. But on a MacBook, Siri can identify a song playing on applications such as YouTube, Netflix etc. It uses the microphone on its device to listen and identify the song coming from the internal speakers of the laptop. Follow the steps given below to identify a song with Siri on Mac.


  • MacBook with Siri
  • Internal microphone


  • Click on the Siri icon which appears on the top right corner of your Mac whenever you wish to find a song that plays somewhere.
  • Now ask “Siri, what song is playing right now?”


  • This personal assistant feature will listen to the song for a while and responds if the song is identified.
  • It provides you with the identified song name and even opens iTunes after identifying a song.


That’s it. Now you can identify any song and listen to it on repeat mode whenever you hear one while watching a movie on Netflix, youtube or even while traveling with the help of Siri on Mac. The windows users can identify a song using Cortana.




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