May 18, 2021

iHerb Review: What’s With All the Negative Ratings?

These days, it’s important to take good care of our health if we don’t want to get infected with terrible or life-threatening diseases and other complications. But sometimes, exercising just isn’t enough—you also need to make some changes to the food and drinks you take in.

If you’re looking to live a healthier life through the intake of dietary supplements, you’ve probably heard of iHerb during your search, especially if you’re looking outside of Amazon. However, it appears that this particular brand isn’t exactly a fan-favorite among the customers.

In this iHerb review, we’ll talk more about this brand in detail, along with reasons why it’s full of negative reviews.

What Is iHerb?

iHerb is a US-based company that offers a wide array of health-related products and supplements. The official iHerb website is incredible because you’ll most likely find the brand or supplement you’re looking for, whatever it may be. That’s how extensive its list of products is.

Even though iHerb is fairly popular, especially among international customers, it seems the company has a hefty amount of negative feedback on review websites like TrustPilot, Pissed Consumer, and SiteJabber.

The Usual Complaints Against iHerb

Here’s a list of some of the most common complaints customers have had about iHerb and its products. Take these complaints into consideration before ordering from the brand:

Unexpected Taxes

This is one of the most common reports, especially among international customers. They didn’t expect that they had to pay quite a hefty amount of duties and taxes if they wanted customs to clear their order through. Even though the brand has various localized websites, all the orders come from the US.

As such, those who live in Europe or another country have to deal with high taxes for goods imported outside of the country. As you can imagine, dietary supplements from iHerb are considered to be imported goods, which is why they’re heavily taxed. In fact, some customers may have to shoulder an extra 50% charge if not more for their order, and that’s not including the shipping fee yet.

Lost Items

Items getting lost during transit is a fairly common issue when it comes to international orders, especially because there are some countries that impose restrictions when it comes to imported goods. As a result, many customers end up not receiving their orders at all.

If the customer never receives the order, the company will only give out a refund as soon as they get the items back. However, the customer has to be the one to shoulder the return shipping, which is unfortunate.

Terrible Customer Service

Some iHerb customers weren’t satisfied with the customer service experience they received when they needed help with certain issues. At the moment, iHerb only has chat and email support, which means customers don’t have a means for calling the company’s customer service team.

As such, some customers complained that they never received a response when they sent an email. If they did receive one, it was only an automated reply.

Company Blocks Negative Reviews

Apparently, it was discovered by some customers that iHerb either removes or blocks negative feedback on its website. However, the brand defends itself by claiming that it has never intentionally blocked negative reviews and that it was probably some kind of accident caused by the company’s automated system.

What’s With All the Negative Ratings?

Given the iHerb has countless customers from across the globe, it’s not surprising to think that there would be mistakes made along the way. Most of the time, satisfied customers don’t leave reviews as often as unsatisfied ones. This probably explains why there are so many negative reviews about iHerb.


Is iHerb a scam? No, it’s a legitimate company with authentic products. However, it just so happens that it has several issues that need dealing with. No company is perfect, but if you don’t want to take the risk and possibly deal with the problems other customers experienced, you may want to check out another site instead.

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