January 3, 2015

Most Important Things To Do Before Flashing a ROM

Android users, most of them flash the ROM of their Android freaky gadgets usually to enhance their gadgets performance and processing speed. Flashing of ROM is exercised so as to do away with the slow stock of ROMs and fully loaded bloat of ware to install a custom ROM in slowed and ill functioning android devices. Flashing ROM of an android device may ruin the gadget if certain precautionary measures aren’t exercised. Read more if you wish you to flash your android mobile and hold your device safe.

1. Did you get the root access?

Things to do before Flashing a ROM

Getting a root access initially before flashing a ROM is a necessary measure. Now the big question which arises before the android users is that what sort of application they need to opt to root their Android mobile. Well then you may try Framaroot, Towelroot, Chainfire and many more which allows the users of Android mobile to get the root access within a few clicks or taps. If unfortunately these devices couldn’t be any aid to root your android device, insist to follow the up the conventional method of rooting an Android mobile.

2. Custom Recovery must be flashed


Several system oriented tasks are to be performed by all android devices which is the main reason having a recovery on the contrary Android devices are being pre-defined with basic recovery option by the device manufacturer which confines the limit of performance. A predefined recovery option or point by the manufacturer hinders the users of Android devices to explore and run most advanced level and high end applications. Hence the users of android devices must have to run CWM and TWRP recovery which ensures that compatibility with the flashing of ROM in order to prevent bootloop and brick.

3. Is everything is restored and saved?

Things to do before Flashing a ROM

The data in the android device must be erased while flashing the ROM of considered android gadget. Thus, it is commendable and appreciable if you store and create a backup of all the important data on the device, like your apps, contacts, messages, photos and complete phone, using the edict itself so as to restore the backed up data if the you failed to flash the ROM of the considered android device.

4. Turn Up a Good ROM

Changing of ROM is not a mandatory aspect while if you love to change the ROM for fun like most of the geeks. However if you are not going to replace the ROM then do make sure considered android devices ROM is stable and has no malware and unwanted software which can be screened out by reading the developer comments, with the ROM.

6. Kernel

Kernel has immense importance while analyzing and flashing a ROM. Hence make sure that you an appropriate justification with respect to the Kernel. You need to be check whether Stock Kernel is compatible with your ROM if you are opting it at the same time if you are opting a custom Kernel then do check it works properly with the ROM at the earliest to prevent bootloop and brick phenomenon’s.

It was all about flashing ROM and rooting your android device for better performance. Do make sure that you exercise above stated processes in the presence of experts and their guidance. We are not responsible for any defects caused to your device solely due to your misinterpretation where the post was solely framed to assist the readers who have been encountering with technical glitches in their smart devices. Stay tuned with us for more trendy techy updates.

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