March 12, 2014

Switch over 30 popular DNS servers in Windows to Boost Browsing Speed

Here guys DNS stands for Domain Name System a DNS this actually plays important role in internet. When you type a URL in your address bar that is converted into IP and called by browser. For example when you type in your address bar this particular name is converted into IP and called into your browser.

Why Switch DNS?

Every website has a DNS and using a local DNS of that particular website helps you in browsing the particular website faster.

For example lets say you want to speed up the youtube video buffering then you can easily boost the speed by tweaking the DNS of your PC and set it to , . This way we have listed a tool below using which you can switch over 30 DNS depending on your usage.

Switch Between 30 popular DNS servers in windows.

What Exactly DNS is ?
YouTube video

Now lets talk about changing DNS from default.

By changing Dns from default this helps you in accessing website very fast and you can also open websites that which are blocked. Open DNS and Google Dns actually offers fast browsing speed and improves your security.

For switching between DNS we are going to introduce a tool that really helps to switch between 30 different DNS.

Switch Between 30 popular DNS servers in windows.

Here you can specify both Primary and Secondary domains. You can easily any DNS from drop-down ads of now this ChrisPC consists of 30 different DNS and you can use any of them of your choice.

  • Click Here to Download Chris PC DNS Switcher

The most advantage feature in this ChrisPC is you can add a new pre-set, can edit a pre-set, delete a pre-set. And also you can create categories to make your family out of un-healthy websites.

You can easily switch with DNS and this is the most convenient tool to change DNS. This is now available fro all windows operating systems.

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