November 8, 2019

Improve Your Creative Writing With These Exercises

Creative writing is a talent like any other. In order to become good at writing, you have to keep practicing. Once you are good at creative writing, this skill can transfer to other areas of your life as well.

Most career fields require at least some business writing, and you will always need to turn in job resumes. By becoming a better writer, you make it easier to find a job, get a promotion, and write business emails.

The problem with practicing your writing skills is that you have to think about something to write. Writer’s block is a common problem that makes developing a story or brainstorming a project idea exceptionally difficult. If you are struggling to find writing ideas, the following list of exercises can help you get inspired and improve yourself.

Write a Letter to Your Younger Self

Pick a previous age in your life. Then, write a letter to your past self. What would you tell your younger self? Would you have advice about things to avoid? Would you tell yourself to take more time to enjoy different moments in your life?

This exercise is an easy way to get words flowing. If you have ever felt regret for things you have done in your life, it is also a good way to get over those feelings. After writing about different memories for a while, you will soon realize that each moment in the past led to where you are today.

If you like your life in the present, then even your negative experiences were worthwhile. Self-reflection is also an extremely important skill to have as a writer because it allows you to understand motives as you develop different characters. With practice, you can become a better writer and more connected to your own feelings.

Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Instead of writing a letter to your younger self, you could write to your future self instead. This is especially useful for reflecting on where your life is in the present. It helps you gain a different perspective on the present and the future.

There are also different programs online that you can use to send this letter to your future self, so you can also see if your future actually achieves your current goals.

Use Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are an extremely useful way to practice creative writing. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, try doing a writing prompt for the first 5 to 15 minutes of each writing session.

Since you will end up tossing out your work, you can unleash your creative juices as you warm up. Sometimes, using a writing prompt can also inspire entire novels, so this technique has more than one practical purpose.

You can use writing prompts about a range of different things. For example, you could write answers to questions like which superpower you want and why. You could also write short, quick stories like a favorite memory from your childhood. For fun ideas, try reworking traditional fairy tales with newer, better endings.

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Stream of Consciousness

If you struggle to put your ideas into words, try writing out a stream of consciousness. With this exercise, you write the first thing that comes to mind and you just keep going without thinking about it. As your mind switches tracks to new ideas, your writing goes with it.

This technique is an easy way to beat writer’s block because it allows you to write without worrying about what you are actually writing. While it is a popular option among novelists, it actually works for all kinds of writers.

Describe Your Surroundings

Another easy way to start your writing session is by describing the world around you right now. Try to be as descriptive and interesting as possible. While this technique will not help you develop new plotlines, it will help you improve your writing. You can practice new ways of describing the world and improve your technical abilities.

Write About a Dream

One of the hardest things about writing a story is developing plotlines and building scenes. You can practice this by writing about a vivid, detailed dream you had recently. Add depth to the characters and situations in your dream.

By using this technique, you can learn how to show plot developments with ideas that already exist. It is also an excellent way to get inspired and beat a bad case of writer’s block.

Write a Story With Only Dialogue

Dialogue is one of the most important aspects of a story, but it is incredibly difficult to learn how to write dialogue well. To improve your dialogues, write a story using only dialogue. Avoid using any descriptions or scene-setting. By doing this writing exercise, you are essentially forcing yourself to learn dialogue writing skills.

Make a Character Face One of Your Deepest Fears

Everyone is afraid of something. Take some time for self-reflection as you think about your greatest fears in life. Now, write about them.

By making your characters face one of your deepest fears, you are able to use realistic, believable emotions that you truly understand. Because you are actually afraid of this fear, you are able to add real emotion and depth to your story.

Write Badly

If you want to learn how to write a good book, start by writing badly. Write a story with no reservations or concerns about quality. Instead, plan on burning or throwing away your story when you are done. This technique helps you break through writer’s block and develop your writing skills without being stuck because you’re worried about the quality.

It’s also good to remember that you can always go back to it later and make it better. Editing is a powerful thing, but you can’t edit something that isn’t even there!

Never Stop Improving

The most important thing you can do to beat writer’s block is to start writing. You can always revise and edit your work later. By getting in the habit of just sitting down and writing a story, you can become a better, more effective writer.

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