March 23, 2023

Innovation at Its Finest: How Greg Sugar and Jaime McMahon are Shaping the Future of Technology at LineZero

The technology sector never stands still, but recently, businesses have encountered changes faster than ever. LineZero’s expertise in digital transformation enables organizations to stay ahead of trends and create connected workplaces.

“We consistently take organizations from a position of no digital tooling to being fully digitally visible and connected,” says Eric Sugar, president of LineZero. “We consider everyone from business leaders to part-time employees, examine their work, and design strategies that help them adapt to change. Digital transformation is more than tooling and successful implementation — the transformation occurs when change is scaled across an entire organization.”

When LineZero couples technical intensity and effective change management, organizations take incredible leaps forward. “Picture a mechanic with little influence beyond his dealership,” says Sugar. “Today, he achieves a direct feedback loop to operational leadership and optimizes processes for 700 international locations. That is the type of transformation we are often privileged to see.”

Connection is the foundation for digital transformation

LineZeroworks with a wide range of industries, but begins by establishing connectivity through a platform called Workplace from Meta. This versatile tool utilizes features such as groups, chat, and live video broadcasting to connect employees — whether they work remotely or in the same office.

Workplace from Meta is, at its core, a tool to enhance communication, culture, and connection, and LineZero can cater its capabilities to the needs of each unique workforce. For example, when collaborating with on-the-go healthcare employees, LineZero enables them to leverage the mobile platform and take advantage of a chat function that is fully secure and HIPAA compliant.

“The platform is first and foremost for people,” says Sugar. “If people get value, the business gets value.”

Workplace from Meta empowers organizations to be agile, manage change, and decrease the distance between their leadership and their frontline employees. “Industry leaders like McDonald’s, Walmart, AstraZeneca, and Virgin Atlantic are already investing in the platform and seeing fantastic results,” Sugar reports. “The tool puts first-class communications, culture, and connection tech into a business context. What’s more, people intuitively know how to use the technology because they use similar tools to talk with family and friends at home. The future of work isn’t about complex tools with incredible capabilities — it’s about incredible capabilities that are simple, intuitive, and useful.”

Staying ahead of evolving technology trends

Technology continues to evolve, and Sugar believes hybrid workplace environments keep businesses competitive. “Both hybrid and remote work were prevalent before the pandemic, but the lockdown accelerated the adoption curve by a decade. Now, technology and organizational leadership are trying to catch up.”

When organizations say they need to return to the office, their most common excuse is that they cannot remotely achieve the same collaboration, culture, and team dynamics. Instead of going backward, LineZero advises them to make a concerted effort to enhance those areas with technology.

“The decision to abandon hybrid work isn’t the solution,” Sugar explains. “We have a clear signal from the talent market, and organizations need to shift management tactics, technology, and tooling to embrace hybrid and remote work. People want flexibility and work/life balance. Instead of a commute, people want a casual morning spent with family.”

LineZero helps businesses achieve this transformation by shifting the purpose of physical offices. In-person experiences and collaboration offer unique value to the hybrid workplace, but many offices still dedicate most of their space to cubicles. Rather than individual workspaces, today’s employees need areas that facilitate collaboration and culture building, such as innovation labs and whiteboard rooms.

Immersing employees in technology to push the boundaries of digital transformation

LineZero is helping businesses create customized and immersive metaverse experiences for their organizations. “Most of us experience the internet on the two-dimensional surfaces of digital tools such as phones, tablets, and computers,” admits Sugar. “Today, we enable organizations to fully immerse their people in digital experiences. For example, rather than reading instructions or watching a video, we can place employees on a digital oil rig and let them walk through an emergency scenario. Allowing employees to experience expensive or dangerous training through a Quest [VR] headset and virtual reality is a huge advantage in many industries.”

LineZero’s immersive experiences facilitate collaboration across continents in a way that makes employees feel they are all in the same room, no matter where they are located. Technology increases connection by obliterating the longstanding barriers of time, location, and cost.

Approaching this evolving technology is only possible with a culture of continuous learning and innovation. “We operate from the edge of the innovation curve and enable organizations to become fast followers in adopting the latest technology,” Sugar explains. “Our business growth is a direct result of investing in the continuous upskilling of our clients.”

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