December 29, 2017

Instagram Will Now Show ‘Recommended’ Posts In Your Feed

Instagram is now going to show recommended posts for the users in their feed. The recommended posts will be based on the posts liked by the accounts you follow. The photo & video sharing app has described the feature in the company’s Help document.


Instagram will make sure that you differentiate the recommended posts and the posts in your feed clearly with a “Recommended for You,” section. This section will contain 3 to 5 posts according to few reports. However, recommended section will appear only after you have viewed all your posts in your feed.

“When scrolling through Feed, you may see posts that are Recommended for You. These posts are suggested based on posts liked by accounts you follow. You can choose to temporarily hide Recommended for You posts.”

Previously, Instagram offered recommended content exclusively in the Explore section to see recommended pictures and videos and the posts liked by the friends in the following section which isn’t integrated into the user’s feed. Now users feed will also include posts from a broader network. This is a big change to the Instagrams Feed section since the social network’s move from chronological one to the algorithmic one which wasn’t quite well received by the users.


The company also updated the app recently with a new feature which allows the users to follow hashtags instead of users accounts which is a pure choice and not a compulsion for the users. However, you cannot disable the recommendations permanently or have the option to chose this feature unlike the flexibility offered in the follow hashtags feature. But you can temporarily hide the recommended posts for you which can be done by tapping the three-dot menu above the post, then tapping on “Hide.”


Currently, this new feature is rolling out to the users quietly but there’s no exact date released yet of the deadline for the rollout. However, this big change remains to be controversial for now as few users took their frustration to twitter saying they didn’t like the recommendations section in their feed and rather prefer the classic old version of Instagram feed especially the chronological feed.

What do you think of the recommended for you section on Instagram? Share your views in the comments below!

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