April 12, 2021

Instagram Growth: 7 Things You Must Know

 Social media was initially seen as just an internet trend. It was believed to be just a temporary virtual location for people to visit once in a while. It has turned out to be quite the opposite case and social media has become as big as the internet itself. There are many social media platforms including the center of our attention; Instagram. Founded in 2010, Instagram has grown at a supersonic speed and has amassed a base of over a billion users. Everyone is having an Instagram account and regardless of the purpose, everyone wants it to grow big. If you are one of them, here are 7 things related to it that you must know.

1. Content Is The King

There shouldn’t be a need of having it mentioned here but the content is the most important part of an Instagram account. If your account does not have anything to offer, there are zero chances of your account growing unless you are already a celebrity. Not just any content will cut it either. You need content that attracts and makes an impact. Originality, creativity, and relevancy are three qualities necessary for Instagram content. A regular publishing schedule is equally important as well. You want to post stuff regularly to maintain your online presence. Posting too much is a problem in itself as well as it would overcrowd the feed of your Instagram followers and turn down their interest.

2. Following More Accounts Can Be Beneficial 

From a beginner’s point of view, every kind and size of exposure is crucial. Following more people might not be game-changing but it can certainly help you in numbers. There are favorable chances of accounts that you follow, following you back. You can boost the chances by only following the accounts that are either interested in or are related to your content type.

3. Hashtags Should Not Be Ignored 

Instagram hashtags are often either ignored or not used the right way. Millions of people search for different hashtags daily which gives you a huge chance of exposure. That is if you use them right. Using too popular and too common tags is not a good practice as they already contain millions of posts. The chances of you getting the spotlight there are slim. Instead, go for relevant hashtags with fewer but enough posts to get you decent exposure.

4. Instagram Ads Are Amazing

Advertisements and marketing are two basic pillars of growth for any product. We have seen businesses promote themselves for ages and it has indeed worked for them. It works the same for Instagram and they provide their own ad service. You can have them run your ads, making your posts displayed to a huge amount of users. Instagram ads are a near-guaranteed approach towards growth. They are cheap and even better, cost-effective. The ads also let you select a target audience to show your ads to. It includes factors like age, location, gender, occupation, etc.

5. Influencer Marketing Is Not Necessarily Expensive 

Influencer marketing is used by many to grow fast in the right way. Influencers are internet celebrities whom you could get to promote your content. It can indeed be expensive but doesn’t necessarily have to be. You can go for cheaper micro-influencers that can get the job done within your budget.

6. Follower Retention Should Be A Priority 

What’s harder than getting followers is maintaining them. There are plenty of occasions where accounts started with a bang but lost their steam gradually. For a growing channel, just content is not enough to retain followers. To keep them from straying away, you have to make them feel something is special. Interacting with your followers or hosting contests and giveaways can highly affect their decision of staying with you.

7. Excellent Free Features That Boost Engagement

Last but certainly not least, you must be aware of the benefits of the many features that Instagram provides for free. It includes Stories, Highlights, Reels, Polls, Stickers, etc. They are easy to get around and have been proven to be even more engaging than regular photos and videos.

We might have revealed the 7 major things you need to know about Instagram growth but there is still a little secret. This secret can help you increase engagement on Instagram quicker than ever. We are talking about paid engagement. You can actually buy Instagram followers through legal and ethical means. There are plenty of websites that offer such services at reasonable prices. Buying these followers will not only help with numbers but boosting engagement as well. They boost your online presence and draw further organic followers and likes gradually.


Instagram has taken the world by storm, being backed by a tech-savvy generation. Everything is shifting over to the virtual space of the internet these days. Not just entertainment but jobs and professions are doing the same as well. Instagram lets you achieve both while staying in touch with friends and family. Many have risen to fame through Instagram and it provides equal opportunity for everyone without discriminating. For that, you need to increase the growth rate of your account. These were the 7 things that you need to keep in mind and hope this guide helps you grow bigger than ever.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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