August 2, 2021

Instagram Promotion Case Study: Casino Gambling Site

Promoting non-mainstream products on social media is always a challenge. And the promotion of vice products, such as alcohol and online gambling, an especially delicate and competent approach. At the same time, it can be a lucrative endeavor.

Promoting an online casino through traditional digital marketing requires a large monetary investment because the niche is highly competitive.

Every day, more and more new establishments open up on the Internet. Most of them are bland, carbon copies of other venues, but a few have actual original content and ideas. All of them are vying for the attention of the same cost-per-click audience on venues like Google Ads.

And because promoting a casino through social media is so difficult, very few venues attempt to do it. As a result of this, over the past few years, Instagram has also generated a lot of interest among affiliate marketers across a wide variety of digital channels. Especially for those who drive traffic to gambling affiliate programs.

Today, we will take the experience gathered by the experts of Tonybet at promoting a sportsbook/casino product online.

Instagram as a Source of Traffic for Gambling

Instagram, with its active audience of 700 million and constant evolution, is a very promising medium for digital marketing and promotion activities. Instagram’s audience is active, dedicated, and tends to be rather young (although, naturally, not as young as that of Snapchat or Tik-Tok).

If you know how to work the system correctly, it is possible for you to get high-quality traffic from Instagram.

Main Advantages of IG For Gambling Marketing

  • Instagram is ideal for CPA. In contrast with the much more passive Facebook, Instagram a social network of “clicks”. People are actively engaged as they look at each other’s photos, stories, videos, and other types of interesting content.
  • On Instagram, it takes creativity to grab attention. And that’s a good thing. In the gambling niche, there really is a lot to turn around in terms of customer perception. If you know how to hook the audience and play on the threads of their consumer interest, then you can quickly get high-quality traffic to your site. Here visual information rules.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time to promote your campaign on Instagram. The growth of popularity and subscriber base occurs on the principle of a snowball. It is enough to make a few paid marketing pushes and the account will immediately be able to bring a decent amount of traffic.
  • Instagram has a powerful recommendation network. That is, even a few mentions from promoted accounts can allow the post to reach the top of the social network recommendation list. At least in their region. This means that people will be able to see your post without even launching a search by word or hashtag.

Working with Gambling Offers on Instagram

The first step is to set up your casino’s official Instagram account where the traffic will go to. It is better to configure this from scratch. either by yourself or with the help of trained specialists. While it may be tempting to buy a profile with an established audience, pages that are starting to promote gambling sites all of a sudden are very likely to be banned.

Now that you set up your page, the next step is to build up your subscriber base.

Before that, you need to add at least a few posts to your profile. We highly recommend starting off with video or reels as such content tends to do better on modern-day Instagram.

Don’t forget to use hashtags as well. Instagram suggests suitable hashtags for a post. Coupled with a good selection of hashtags selected by your social media manager, this will help you drive suitable, organic traffic to your page.

It’s better not to rush to build up your audience. Of course, without promotion services, a gambling account is difficult to promote. But please keep in mind that you are working with a sensitive topic, so everything you do will always be looked at through a regulatory microscope.

When the account already has a decent subscriber base, a little content, and managed not to fall under the repression of the Instagram algorithm, you can proceed to implement a wealth of activities that will help your page succeed, including participating in giveaways, working with influencers, and buying plain old post promotion.


The main plus of Instagram is that creativity is appreciated here and the hard work pays off if you know how to hook the target audience.

Therefore, if you have ideas for attracting traffic for your gambling venue, then you can certainly achieve a high ROI for your marketing expenses.

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