Instagram Sponsorship: How to make money on Instagram?

Influencer marketing is booming on Instagram, with large and small brands wanting to be part of it. Influencer marketing is excellent for building brand awareness, where people are able to see posts about your brand, the more people are aware of it.

Having an advantage of a hugely successful Facebook advertising platform behind them, Instagram advertisement turns out to be extremely useful for brands. An Instagram image can easily turn passive browsers into active shoppers. This is the best way to showcase your skills and influence people or brands by showing the latest trends via interesting Instagram posts or videos.

7 Mindblowing Facts about Instagram

The rapid growth of Instagram to more than 500 million users in less than four years says it all.  Earlier, Instagram started in 2010 as a check-in app called Burbn which offers check-in to location option and few other social media and gaming features. Further, they rebuilt the app in October 2010 with a combination of ‘Instant’ and ‘Telegram’ to form the word, Instagram.

  1. Instagram has 10 times more user engagement than Facebook.
  2. 800 million users are active every month.
  3. 500 million users are active every day.
  4. Instagram has already hit 1 million advertisers.
  5. 70% of the most used hashtags are branded.
  6. Ad revenue for 2017 is projected to reach $2.81 billion.
  7. 50% of Instagram’s users follow at least one brand.

What do you need to get started?

Instagram is the most happening social media platform right now. Here are some of the tips and tricks to follow before getting started:

  • Use relevant Hashtags.
  • Post colourful Photos and videos or stories.
  • Follow trending pages to find out new content.
  • Post regularly to keep engaging with your audience.
  • Interact with your followers via likes and comments.

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How to View/Download Photos and Videos from Private Instagram Profiles

Download and Set-up your profile

Download the Instagram app for Android from Google Play, iOS from App Store or Windows Phone from Windows Phone Store. Install and sign-up with a registered E-mail address or login using your Facebook account. After signing up, you’ll be asked to update your profile information (Name, Username, Website and Bio) and Profile picture (which will be 400*400 pixels).

Post your first Instagram photo/video or story

Okay! So now it’s time to post your first Instagram photo or video. By click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom, you can click new photo/Video or simply select from your phone gallery. One can upload up to 10 photos/videos into a single Instagram post. After selecting your media, simply edit it by appropriate brightness etc. After editing tap on ‘Next’ to fill in details for your first post like Caption, Tag people, Add location and social media shares. Once you’re done just tap share to publish.

Follow others (influencers)

Using Instagram search button you can easily find and follow people and brands by searching with username or relevant hashtag. Following influencers for new people on Instagram is a great way to make connections.

Engage with audience

It’s all about engaging with your followers to build your business or brand name on Instagram. When someone likes or comments on your photo, you will receive a notification, via which you can respond within the comments by including ‘@’ symbol.

Convert your Instagram account to business account

Using Business Instagram account one can add additional information about your business and also get analytics for your account. One can easily convert your Instagram account to business account by Go to profile > Click on ‘Switch to Business profile’ > Select associated Facebook page with your Instagram account > Fill your details and done!

Use Google Analytics and other tools

One can use Instagram Insights and other tools like Adobe Spark, Buffer for Instagram etc. that help you to create better content, save time and improve your post quality altogether. These tools also provide you with your top-performing posts, know about your follower demographics and more.

How to make money on Instagram?

Started as a photo-sharing app, Instagram turned into one of the top business platforms which can be used by anyone, including business owners like Amazon. The best feature of Instagram is, if you post at the right time and use hashtags, then your post reach will be much higher compared to any other social media platforms.

Instagram Sponsorship: How to make money on Instagram?


Create and promote your content with suitable hashtags, Engage with your audience, Remain consistent, Optimize your Instagram profile, Update Instagram stories and live videos, Use location feature, Collaborate with other influencers, organize contest and events and use Instagram ads to maximise your post reach.

6 Ways to make money on Instagram

If you have a good Instagram following, you can easily earn money on Instagram by following these 6 ways.

1. Affiliate Marketing

As an Affiliate, simply sign-up for a company and sell their products and you get a certain per cent commission on each sale you make. Once you sign-up company generates a URL link so that if you get to sell goods, the company knows that the customer came via you, and knows to pay you the commission.

Few recommended affiliate networks are:

2. Sell your photos or designs

What the audience crave is visual content. You get immediate feedback as likes, comments and shares. Instagram is a super powerful tool to promote photography by simply using creative content with relevant hashtags. There are a couple of marketplaces where you can sell your photos easily-

  1. Twenty20: This is a great marketplace to sell your Instagram photo. Simply sign-up and put any photo up for sale.
  2. Snap wire: This marketplace encourages you to upload as many high-quality photos as possible with relevant keywords attached.
  3. 500px: This is a huge platform for someone looking for exposing and licensing photos. Simple Sign-up, include your bio and start uploading pictures and you’ll see metrics like views and followers on your photos.
  4. Foap: This marketplace is used for brands to showcase their quality photos. Here you can earn $5 for each photo you sell.

3. Promote your online store

Follow these steps to build your Own Instagram store:

  • Open an online store (like Shopify to sell products etc.).
  • Create an Instagram account relevant to your niche.
  • Share your products on your Instagram account.
  • Done! You can now start earning money.

4. Make money from sponsored posts

Once you become an influencer, you can easily propose to brands to help you promote their products on your Instagram posts.

One can earn thousands of dollars per sponsored post, by following the below steps:

  • Create sponsored Instagram post(Photo or Video)
  • Include brand related hashtag, also promote or mention a brand.
  • Share it with your audience.
  • Done! You get paid for a sponsored post.

5. Get paid to advertise on Instagram

One can get paid to promote Sponsored posts on Instagram that can only happen once you’re having influencer’s status. If you don’t have many followers of influencers status just sign-up for the listed apps below.

4 Websites where you can find and promote products

  1. IndaHash: One must have at least 700 real followers to be eligible for this app. IndaHash app helps to get paid directly without any hassle. Basically, you get paid each time you promote something from IndaHash on your Instagram.
  2. Shoutcart: If you don’t have much of a following, you can still create an account here. Simply advert a little about your Instagram account and charge a certain amount. There are companies looking for “plankton” accounts for promotion will definitely pay you.
  3. Grapevine: Grapevine is a collaborative centre that allows you to hook up with brands who need promoters through a central marketplace. One can sign-up only after 5000 followers on their Instagram account.
  4. Fohr Card: This marketplace is considered as a billboard for influencers across several platforms including blogs and YouTube.

4 Websites where you can find and promote products:

6. Get paid to promote products on Instagram

One must require over 9,999 followers to receive free gifts, payments and even option to get to promote products on Instagram. Depending on your niche, generally, Fashion and food bloggers are better known to have gifts sent to them at early stages. For travel bloggers and other competitive industries, one must have at least 10k+ followers before you start approaching brands.

4 Popular Marketplace to find Instagram influencers

Even in the early days, Instagram included basic filters to allow people to enhance their pictures. These filters were only possible using Adobe Photoshop which amazed people to post pictures on Instagram for free and it was easy to use as well. Later in 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion, with those Series B investors enjoying a 100% return on their investment.

1. Tribe

Tribe - 4 Popular Marketplace to find Instagram influencers

To join Tribe marketplace, one must have 3000+ real followers on any of their platforms- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On Tribe, one can find plenty of brands seeking for a global audience. They have a huge database which is updated regularly.

2. Popular Pays

Popular Pays is an iPhone driven app which is only available for creators. You will only be shown opportunities of which you qualify for based on the total amount of followers you have on your Instagram.

3. Fullbottle

This marketplace is a really interesting platform for connecting brands like PepsiCo. One can bid for a price here like if you bid $.50 per like, and if you get accepted for every 100 likes, you earn $50.

4. - 4 Popular Marketplace to find Instagram influencers

This marketplace is designed for Fortune 500 brands and large agencies. Of Couse one need to build their Instagram following to get accessed to such large brands like BBC, The New York Times etc.

3 Best Instagram sponsorship Campaigns

Adidas's Originals Instagram Marketing Campaign

Recently Amazon Launches Influencer Marketing program called ‘Amazon Influencer Program’, which claims to cover all social media channels, across a wide range of niches. Thereby, each influencer gets URL on their domain, where they can select any product and recommend them to their audience.

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1. Amazon’s Instagram Marketing Campaign

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world, specializing in every industry. Recently, Amazon came to the market to an audience through influencer sponsorships on social media. This way Amazon can advertise a variety of products and services by platforms like Instagram, YouTube and other influencer markets.

They have a simple strategy to incorporate influencers – Amazon partner with several micro and macro influencers to promote their product using hashtags in the captions. They prefer hashtags like #amazonfresh, #primeday and  #primenow etc. Also Amazon fresh markets with top food influencers for its grocery delivery services.

2. Adidas Originals Instagram Marketing Campaign

Adidas partnered with big names like Snoop Dogg, Desiigner, and Stormzy to highlight and promote their Originals line-up. Using hashtag #ORIGINALS. Adidas influencer marketing campaign is partnered with famous personalities in the hip-hop world to make the video engaging.

3. Disney Instagram Marketing Campaign

Disney is huge, world famous brand using Instagram marketing in their campaign says it all about social media marketing. They partnered with Luke Evans to promote their film ‘Beauty and the Beast. Evans posted pictures at the film’s world premiere on their Disney’s Instagram following.

4 Apps for boosting your Instagram marketing

InstaQuote : Status & Quotes

  1. Instaquote: This app is used to share inspiring ‘quotes of the day’ and keep your audiences/followers engaged.
  2. Posto: Posto is a post scheduling app that makes influencers life easy. One can simply schedule your picture or video with a specified location for this app to do it all by itself.
  3. Iconosquare: This app provides Instagram users with advanced statistics about their account like the total number of likes received, average number of likes and comments per photo, most liked photos, follower growth charts, and more.
  4. Olapic: Olapic is a visual marketing app which helps you suggest best possible photos for your post based on location and language.


Always remember, Instagram is not a store, it’s a social marketplace, so you need to use your high-quality product images to attract your audience and encourage them to follow you. Instagram is considered as the first social media platform to develop links between brands and influencers. More than 250 million people post Instagram stories every day.

Instagram is the most lucrative way of making money online. It has 600 million-plus active users and a massive engagement rate. Once you have put in the time and effort to build your engaging audience no one can stop you.

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