November 1, 2018

How to Install Google Analytics on Blogger/ Blogspot

Every blogger knows that stats which are shown in the Blogger Dashboard are not very accurate. When a visitor views a post and if they refresh the page then the Blogger counts it as 2 page views. So where can you get the accurate stats from? Google provides an Official service called as Google Analytics which will show you the Realtime visitors, Page views on a single day or a month, exact posts that are being viewed and even the device from which the post is being viewed such as mobile or computer or tablet.

How to Install Google Analytics on Blogger/ Blogspot

The only extremely perfect tool to track website visitors and their behaviours on the website is GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Although nothing is perfect in the world, following this there could a rare error in the real-time tracking of the Google Analytics tool. Most importantly, dwell time or the time visitors spend on the page is the most important ranking factor these days. And, Google Analytics will tell you to minute to minute and second to second data of for what duration a visitor stayed on your website and then bounced back. The bouncing data can be tracked from Bounce Rate details provided separately and overall for each and every page.

To install Google Analytics onto your Blogger you must follow the below instructions as given. Being a blogger if you aren't using the Analytics then you are missing something which is valuable.

"An explorer must have a map likewise a Blogger must have a Google Analytics account"

Steps to Install Google Analytics onto Blogger

1. Go to Google Analytics and click on the "Create an account" link on the top.

2. Log in with your existing Gmail account and in the next page click on "Sign Up".

3. Enter the required details such as account name, website name and website URL. Select the category of your website and choose your country time zone.

analytics to blogger

4. Scroll down and click on "Get Tracking ID" button.

5. You must see a pop-up box where you need to select your country and click on "I Accept" button.

setup google analytics2

6. It gets redirected to your admin panel. You must see a tracking code and a JavaScript, just copy them and we will be using it in the next step.

analytics installation on blogger

7. Now open your blogger dashboard and click on the "Other" tab. Paste the Google Analytics ID and click on the "Save settings".

install google analytics

8. Go to the "Template" tab and click on the "Edit HTML" button.

9. Scroll down till the end of the <Head> tag and paste the JavaScript before the </Head>.

10. Save the template and you have successfully installed the Analytics on your blogger.

How to Check the Analytics Stats for your Website


Log into your Analytics dashboard and select the website name you want to monitor. Move to the "Reporting" tab and click on it. On the left side bar you must see many useful information such as "Real-time","Audience" etc. Checkout this fake real-time generator to show off to your friends.

To check the number of visitors exactly visiting your website now click on "Real-time" and hit on "Overview" tab.

To check the total number of visitors are visiting your website weekly or monthly simply move to the "Audience" => "Overview".

To check what posts are ranking well or bad , you can check it from the "Acquisition" Tab.

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