June 14, 2022

Interesting contests on My11Circle fantasy cricket app

Fantasy cricket is the new era in sports- this fresh Indian take on e-sports by My11Circle has emerged to become one of the most awesome fantasy cricket apps. The My11circle app does not only provide viewers and players an out-of-the-ordinary experience by combining game viewing with game-playing, but it also provides the fortuitous opportunity to participate in various contests to win several prizes and money! By being a member of the My11Circle app, participants can be involved in interesting inter-member competitions that integrate cricket viewing with playing!

Interesting contests that players on the My11Circle fantasy cricket app can be involved in:

Contests on My11Circle allow multi-players to play simultaneously against each other. This is part of what makes My11circle one of the most awesome fantasy cricket apps. Participants can create not one, but as many as six teams for a single match. Participants can dish out various team combinations, employ captains, predict the best player of the match, pick their favorite bowling pair, and more!

Participants can not only join contests and challenge others’ skills but also create their own contests and invite their friends and family!

Cash contests:

There are three kinds of contests hosted by the My11Circle fantasy cricket app that helps in winning cash prizes. These are Small contests, mega contests, and private contests!

The Small and Mega contests have a fixed entry fee designed by the management team. Although participants can create teams for free, they’ll have to pay an entry fee when they join a contest. For example, participants have to pay three entry fees if they create three teams for a contest. On the other hand, it is the participant who decides the entry fees and cash prizes for the Private contests. participants can invite their friends and family to compete! This means they can make money just by hosting!

Practice contests:

Participants who are new to the world of fantasy games and want to explore it can play and explore through the Practice contests. Here, participants do not have to pay an entry fee. You can play for free and see your ranking amongst the best Fantasy players in the world! This is what makes the My11Circle Fantasy app one of the best fantasy cricket apps! Participants have a wide variety of options to play among the best players in the world, as well as friends and family.

How to register to be a part of these interesting contests on the My11Circle app:

Step 1. Register:

To register and be a part of the contests on my11Circle, go to the Registration page on the My11Circle.com website or download My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App and register via Facebook or your Email ID & Mobile.

Step 2. Pick a match:

Next, select a match from any upcoming tournament. There are a number of tournaments throughout the year. You could also choose to host a private contest.

Step 3. Manage your team:

Finally, select 11 players for cricket to form your fantasy team with 100 credit points. You can only pick a maximum of 7 players from one team.

There are multiple contests that come up around an upcoming match. In order to be efficient, you can choose which contest to be a part of, wisely, according to your knowledge and expertise. For example, if you are a beginner, you can start with a low-fee contest and test your skills, and once you gain enough confidence in prediction and strategizing in making your team, you can go ahead for higher-fee contests as well! There are different promotions happening at different points of time, and at times there are promo codes offered for a limited time period where the platform gives you discounts and offers which can help you play more.

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