November 3, 2017

Many iOS 11 Users Experiencing Predictive Text Bug ‘I’ to ‘A[?]’

Apple released the iOS 11.1 software update. With the increasing users of iOS 11, many users are experiencing a predictive text bug with a single character ‘I’.

The users using the iOS keyboard are seeing ‘A[?]’ as the first recommended predictive text when they type the character ‘I’. The text prediction is not even close to the original character. Any of the iOS keyboard user using the autocorrect can get into a trouble of sending nonsensical words in a conversation.


Currently, it seems that not every person using the iOS 11 is facing this trouble. Although the number of people reporting the bug is increasing.

And the primary cause of the issue isn’t known to anyone yet. While some of the affected users reported that the cause of this issue might be due to an emoji bug because of an ‘i’ character appearing the recently used emoji list.


Right now, only the devices running on iOS11.0.3 and iOS 11.1 were reported by the users. As the predictive text is available on all devices via iCloud, not only iPhone users but also few users of Mac reported seeing these odd predictive texts.

Restarting the device or resetting the keyboard dictionary doesn’t solve the issue. The only way to fix the bug right now until Apple releases a bug fix is to turn off the predictive text on your iOS device or use a third party keyboard.

When an affected customer contacted Apple about the issue, the company responded that they are aware of the bug and currently working on the fix.

Did you experience the predictive text bug in iOS 11? Share your views in the comments below!


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