June 14, 2021

Does the iPadian iOS Emulator Really Work?

Have you ever wanted your Windows PC or laptop to run iOS apps? You might think it’s impossible, but not quite thanks to emulators. Yes, just like how there are Android emulators such as BlueStack that allow you to run and play Android apps on your Windows device, there are iOS emulators like iPadian that can essentially do the same thing—except this time, it’ll be for iOS apps instead.

However, it’s impossible for any emulator, may it be iOS or Android, to fully provide a genuine OS experience on a Windows device. This is because Windows OS and iOS are completely different from one another, and they have too many differing features. Still, the thought of being to simulate at least a portion of the iOS experience is tempting to many. That’s why in this iPadian review, we’ll talk more about this iOS emulator and what you can expect from it.

What Is an Emulator and How Does It Work?

First thing’s first: what exactly is an emulator? To put it simply, an emulator is a kind of program that imitates an operating system on a completely different operating system. So in this case, using an iOS emulator for PC like the iPadian gives you the ability to use iOS apps on Windows. With such a program, you can indulge in the feeling that you’re using an iPad when you’re actually on a Windows computer.

When you download this program, the emulator doesn’t actually change any of your computer’s settings. What it actually does is that it opens up a different window that has an interface that resembles that of an iPad.

Is iPadian Truly an iOS Emulator?

Here’s the thing: the iPadian program isn’t an actual emulator. Instead, it only simulates the iOS interface. Adobe Air was the application used to develop the emulator, and it won’t be able to run on your Windows PC if you don’t have Adobe Air installed. Once the iPadian emulator is installed successfully, you shouldn’t expect that you’ll be able to run every iOS app out there. There are only a few apps that actually work, and you can install them through the iPadian App Store.

As expected, it’s also hard to navigate once you’re using the emulator because iOS was optimized for touch accessibility. As such, you can’t use your mouse to swipe through the iPad screen emulated on your PC, but you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through. Despite these hindrances, using the iPadian really does make your Windows PC or laptop look like an iOS device, along with the same icons found in iOS.

Is iPadian Safe to Use?

Most importantly, is the iPadian emulator safe to use? After all, no one wants their Windows device to get infiltrated by malware and other viruses. According to various iPadian reviews, it appears that you have to be extra wary when downloading and installing this program because there have been some instances where users ended up downloading malware into their device. Although there’s a way for you to download the program without including the viruses, it’s still best if you stay away from this emulator and just stick to your regular Windows OS.


While it’s understandably fun to tinker around with your operating system and try to install a new one, there are risks involved in doing so. You could end up downloading viruses and malware along with the application, and this could potentially ruin your beloved device. Besides, the iPadian will only simulate the iOS experience and you’ll only gain access to a limited number of apps. As such, it’s best if you weigh the pros and cons to using such a program, and if you want what’s best for your device, you should just avoid it entirely.

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