December 29, 2018

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus Announced with 3D Touch, 12MP Camera, A9 Chip and More

Apple has finally unveiled much-awaited latest generation handsets, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the Apple iPhone 6s September Event. For the past few months, plenty of rumors have been swirling across the social media regarding the specs and features of new iPhone 6s series. At last, the moment of truth has arrived and Apple has launched new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with powerful specifications and many more. Apple has launched a pair of new iPhone models along with many of its products in the huge Apple iPhone Event on Wednesday. As expected before, the currently unveiled iPhone series models don’t have the similar look as the last year’s models. However, the entrails have been considerably tweaked. Here is an in-depth article on the newly-unveiled iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with detailed specifications and newly integrated features. Have a look!

New iPhone Series Models – iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

Usually, Apple mainly focuses on one of two products during its launch event. But now, in this September Event, Apple went straight in releasing three new products in which a pair of iPhone models is one among the latest launches. This year, the Apple iPhone Event went extremely good with the launch of iPhone models, Apple TV and an iPad Pro in San Francisco, California.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Announced in Apple iPhone Event

However, huge expectations of Apple brand adorers were mainly on the new iPhone 6s series models. The company launched both the iPhones with remarkable features that includes 3D Touch, 12 MP Camera, A9 Chip and many more. Here is a detailed description of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Just take a look at the specs and features of new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus!

1. Rose Gold Color Design

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus - Design

As expected before, the pair of new iPhone series models comes with an impressive design. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been designed in a rose gold color. Both the new iPhones are visually identical to current models except a slight variation that the new models are designed using a custom 7000 series aircraft grade aluminium alloy. It sports four colors such as space grey, silver, gold, and rose gold. Both are variant in size, but the design is one in the same.

2. 3D Touch – Peek and Pop

The most incredible feature of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is ‘3D Touch’. Apple has newly introduced this feature for both the iPhone series models that display an additional dimension to the screen that you’re used to. It works through new hardware and so there is no chance for the previous iPhones or iPads to get it. 3D Touch is truly an amazing feature for both the iPhone ‘s’ series handsets that have the capability to detect the pressure a user applies to the screen in order to open up new commands.

Apple iPhone 6s - 3D Touch

Earlier, there is a Force Touch feature on the Apple Watch and on new MacBooks which is already in use and now Apple has introduced 3D Touch which is the most advanced feature of Force Touch that have been made available on the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It is entirely a modest feature that controls your iPhones in a different mode.

How does it work?

3D Touch is a new feature of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus that gives you an awesome 3D Touch experience. This incredible feature on the Apple iPhone helps you to complete your task in a quick manner. To get into the menu and some of the applications within the menu you need not go in a systematic and a long process. Just by giving a slight touch, you can directly go straight into whatever you require. 3D Touch enables you to interact with the iPhone using two new ways which is simply called as “peek” and “pop”.

Peek allows you to press on app icons and other buttons to pull up shortcuts directly into specific features. For instance, just by pressing on the Camera app, you will be directly jumped into selfie mode.

Pop helps you to pull up overlays of photos and videos without the need of taking them over the screen. After moving away from that, you’ll be right back to where you were before.

Example: Whenever you sign into your email, you could lightly tap on the content of an email to peek at the content inside. Suppose, if you press little harder, the content you’re peeking at will pop open fully.

You can also do the following things using the 3D Touch feature. Here are the shortcuts:

  • Press lightly to Peek at a photo, email, web page or other content.
  • Press a little harder to pop into the content itself.
  • Simply press from the Home screen in order to send a message.
  • Press harder to go straight into selfie mode after getting into Camera options.
  • Simply tap on a flight number to get flight-tracking information as a ‘peek’.

4. Camera – Get Ready to Take Selfies

This is for the first time that Apple has now bumped its camera’s megapixel count since the iPhone 4S in 2011. It has added megapixels to the iPhone camera by offering a 12-megapixel rear camera for the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Both the new iPhones feature a rear camera of 12 MP which offers 50 percent improvement in its sensor size while the front camera sports a 5-megapixel which is increased up to 400%. There is not the only improvement in the pixel range of the camera, but also brings the potential for photos by providing 4K and 1080p video recording for both the rear and front cameras. The most bizarre thing in the new iPhone 6S is that it lacks Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).

Apple iPhone Camera

Apple has also added a new front-facing flash feature that makes use of the LED screen in order to impersonate a TrueTone flash that is actually present on the back of the camera. At the moment of capture, the display gets three times brighter that provides sufficient light for taking different style shots. It automatically customizes the color that is being flashed in order to match the ambient lighting of the particular environment where a photo is being taken. Once thing that has not been changed is lens projects from the back of the phone.

Apple has also introduced a new feature called Live Photos that works as: Whenever you capture a few additional frames of photos before and after you snap a photo, it enables you to get snippets of live action for each of your photos. It enables you to take the short video clip of every photo. Live Photos is a default feature, which will be ON even if you turn it Off. Apple enables APIs for the third-party developers so that they can integrate Live Photos into their own apps.

5. A9 Chip

Apple launched new iPhones are powered by the A9 chip which is the third generation of the 64-bit chip that comes with a new transistor architecture. It powers the iPhones with 70 percent faster CPU than the A8 chip used in its previous iPhone models and also powers 90 percent faster graphics performance (GPU) than the A8 chip used in the previous generation.

Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus - A9 Chip

Along with the new A9 chipset, the recently unveiled iPhones feature a brand new M9 co-processor which is always kept ON.  The new M9 coprocessor is used to detect motion for the apps like Health.

6. Excellent Performance

As the new iPhone models come with a speed bump both in CPU and GPU, the pair of iPhone S series models offers excellent performance. Apple has increased 70 % CPU and 90 % GPU for both the iPhones better than its previous iPhones. It runs on iOS 9 which brings enhanced multitasking features that can be easily handled by the new iPhones. It also provides pretty much quicker and accurate performance for Touch ID on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. TouchID has become two times faster which is a striking feature provided by Apple and it also supports Apple Pay.

7. Connectivity

On the connectivity front, you will get the following connectivity options:

  • LTE Advanced
  • 802.11ac Wifi
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • GPS

Other features such as TouchID has become two times faster, Apple Pay will be supported as well.
Overall, the iPhone 6s seems to have gained a positive feedback from critics with new and promising specifications along with features. One of major stand-out is that the device is available in a rose gold colour variant which looks good.

8. Price, Availability & Pre-Orders

Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available in four variant colors such as gold, silver, space gray and the new rose gold metallic finished design. The Price details of the new iPhone series models are as follows:

iPhone 6s

  • 16GB – $199
  • 64 GB – $299
  • 128 GB – $399

iPhone 6s Plus

  • 16GB – $299
  • 64 GB – $399
  • 128 GB – $499

Pre- Order: September 12

Both the iPhones, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available for pre-orders in twelve regions starting 12 September in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States of America (USA).

The iPhone 6s will be available to pre-order from 12 September, i.e., Saturday. You can pre-order for the new iPhones directly via Apple’s online store if you wish to buy it SIM-free, or else you can also buy it through any major mobile operator if you wish to pay for a monthly contract.

Pre-Order for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

Available to Buy: September 25

By the end of this year 2015, the phone will be available in over 130 countries via more than 400 carriers. These are the features that have been introduced by Apple for the newly launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Hope this detailed description on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus gives you an idea about the specs and advanced features added to the new iPhone series models.

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