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Play the Video Game Elon Musk Coded When He Was Only 12 Years Old

The gameplay of “Blaster” is very simple and you might have already played similar games. At the start, you get five spaceships to destroy the enemy by firing shots at them. On return, you get something called “Status Beam”


How To Get iPhone X-like Gestures On Any Android Device?

Not using the iPhone X doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t take advantage of some of its cool features. You can try iPhone X gestures on Android smartphone with ease. Here are a couple of Android gesture apps that can allow them to do so.


Check out How Steve Jobs’ 1973 Job Application Looked Like From 3 Years Before He Founded Apple

The job application – which will soon be up for bidding at auction house RR Auction – is filled with silly errors and spelling mistakes from a candidate who went on to become one of the 20th century's greatest tech visionaries.


Crypto Exchange Binance Offers $250,000 Worth of Bounty For Anyone Exposing Hackers

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance is offering a whopping $250,000 in Binance Coin (BNB) to anyone who can provide conclusive evidence against hackers and lead to prosecution and jail for attempting to hack the exchange on March 7th, 2018.


Google Officially Releases Android P First Developer Preview

The search giant released the 'Android P' developer preview along with details of the initial set of features and APIs it will bring to the masses and a timeline for future releases.

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