September 26, 2017

iPhone 8 Teardown by iFixit- Scores 6, lower than iPhone 7 Repairability Score

iPhone 8 is finally here! As assumed, it comes with almost similar features when compared to its predecessor iPhone 7 except with new wireless charging, all glass back cover and improved camera. iFixit teardown proves why.

iFixit has traveled to Sydney, Australia to pick up the iPhone 8 in advance to dismantle it and examine its hardware. After examining various components of iPhone 8 iFixit concluded that the battery life of the iPhone 8 is low when compared to iPhone 7. It has a smaller capacity Lithium-ion battery with 6.96 watt-hours (approximately 1,822mAh) while the iPhone 7 contains 7.45 watt-hours (1,960mAh) battery.

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The rear glass and the wireless charging coil are attached to a steel reinforcement plate with a lot’s of glue. Although the glass back is really strong and durable, the repair amount of the glass would be higher than the cost of repairing the front screen if the glass breaks after a fall. It costs around $99 to fix the cracked rear glass under Applecare+.


When it comes to the camera, iFixit has found that the iPhone 8 has the same lens and 12MP resolution as in iPhone 7. But the iPhone 8 comes with with a bigger sensor which improves the color and decreases the noise.

On the whole iPhone 8 got a repairability score of 6 out of 10(where the highest 10 means easiest to repair) which is less than the iPhone 7 repairability score. And handle your iPhone 8 with care because once the rear glass cracks, a whole lot of $99 will be charged for repairing cost.

Did you get your hands-on with the new iPhone 8? Share your views about the phone in the comments below.

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