November 10, 2017

iPhone X: Learn the Basic Gestures & Commands

Can you operate an iPhone X without the instruction manual? Not if you haven’t read any blog or instruction manual about the iPhone X. You might have luck with a few features but not all of them. As Apple ditched the home button on iPhone X, navigating through apps and setting up few features will be difficult to understand.

Once you get acquainted with the iPhone X, it won’t be difficult to tackle the handset. So here are the basic gestures and commands you mostly use on an iPhone X.


Gestures to Navigate your iPhone X

Return to Home Screen

Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen.

Switch between apps

Swipe left or right along the bottom edge of the screen to switch between apps. Or you can swipe up the screen a little and slide it to the left or right starting from any bottom corner.

App Switcher

If you are on home screen or any app, just swipe up the screen and pause until you see the recent apps to the left of the screen. Select an app by swiping the apps towards left.


Force Close an app

On other iPhones, swiping up on the app card will close an app. On the iPhone X, you need to hold and press the cards until a red (-) symbol appears on the corners. Tapping on them will close the apps.

Control Center

As the bottom of the screen is shrouded with app switching features, accessing control center is moved to the top of the screen. Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen to adjust the settings and apps in control center.



Swipe down from the upper left corner of the screen to view the notifications such as phone calls, reminders, and messages.

Take a screenshot

Pressing the side button and the volume up button simultaneously will click the image on your iPhone X screen.

Search bar

Swipe down from the middle of the screen to quickly search anything on the device or web.


Swipe right from the home screen or lock screen to access widgets.



This isn’t enabled by default on the iPhone X.  To turn it on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, scroll down and tap Reachability, then turn it on.

After that to reach items at the top, swipe down on the bottom edge of the screen. Or swipe up and down quickly from the bottom edge of the screen.

Things You Can Do With Side Button

Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay on iPhone X, double-click the side button and authenticate yourself with the Face ID or your passcode to navigate to the Apple Pay page.


Power on/off and S.O.S.

Long press the side button to turn on the device.

To power off the device or get the S.O.S hold the side button and volume button simultaneously until you see a slider to power off and then slide to power off.


Wake & Sleep 

Use Raise to wake up the screen like you do on other iPhones or tap the screen to wake your iPhone X.

Press the side button for your iPhone X to sleep.

Force reset

Press the volume up button and the volume down button quickly and then press and hold the side button to reset the device.

Invoke Siri

Just press and hold the side button or use your voice by saying, “Hey, Siri!” to invoke Siri.


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