November 27, 2017

The iPhone X’s major flaw: The Phone is Impossible To Use With One Hand

The iPhone X has been in use around the world for about one month, which means users have now had plenty of time to try out all the new features and of course, any of its flaws. So far, we have come across many iPhone X problems that surfaced online – First there was the OLED burn-in problem, then there was a problem where the display becomes unresponsive in the cold temperatures or crackling sounds coming from the speaker, and now it seems we see an article from writers at Business Insider, who hate it.


The writer at Business Insider, Dennis Green says enough is enough. “I’ve been using my iPhone X for nearly a month, and I’ve decided I hate it.”

According to Dennis Green, the iPhone X is a beautiful and exciting device but has one crucial flaw, however, that really matters to him – it’s nearly impossible to use with just one-hand. He says that the difficulty to use it one-handed has changed the way he used his phone for the worse, so he is going to sell his device.

“I’m now nearly a month into using the iPhone X, and I’ve slowly realized I unreservedly dislike the device. In fact, I hate using it,” Dennis Green said.

He also put off a list of complaints, like how FaceID is inconsistent and annoying, the scratch-prone bright chrome for the metal casing, and the astronomical price tag.

He also points out that, though the phone is only a bit bigger than the iPhone 6, 7, and 8, the bezel-less screen makes for an enormous size increase.

“The new gestures required by the notch mean there’s no way to look at my notifications with only one hand or access the control center. Those are pretty essential functions, and it drastically limits the usability of the phone when I’m on the go or when I only have one hand free.”

But we see this as not a big problem. Because iOS has a nifty little button that crams a whole bunch of one tap actions into a tiny space that can be easily accessed by our thumb while holding the iPhone X (or other iPhone models) in one hand. For those of us who cannot reach a particular app location on our iPhones, Apple has provided a few tools that help. Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch > toggle On.

Pointing out many other issues he faced with the phone, Green concluded, “If the iPhone X is the future of the smartphone, I’d rather be left behind. I’ll be selling my iPhone X, and invest in the tried-and-true form factor of the iPhone 8 instead.”

You can read the entire post of Dennis Green from here.

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