May 14, 2022

IPWHOIS Review: A Powerful Location Lookup Tool 

Geolocation technology allows internet users to find appropriate stuff based on their current location and other relevant details. Finding the nearest grocery store, a local restaurant, or a fuel station is only possible with this technology. This is the reason businesses and companies are also using the real-time location of their users to present them with the most relevant products, ads, or services and provide a personalized experience. IPWHOIS is the most popular Geolocation API to find out accurate location data of users in real-time. 

What is IP Geolocation API?

IP Geolocation API is a tool used to identify the geographical location, mobile network, and other information of an internet-connected device. The tool is used by published enterprises and companies to detect the real-world location of their users to personalize content based on their location data. Location tools are popular among location-sensitive businesses so they can reach the target audience effectively and customize the content according to location preferences.

IPWHOIS is one of the best IP Geolocation APIs that helps developers, publishers, and businesses identify the current location of their users along with relevant useful information. Location details provided by this API include the current location of the user, name of the country, state, city, time zone, zip code, street address, etc. IPWHOIS is popular among developers for its fast response speed and ease of use. A user won’t have a hard time setting up this tool or waiting for minutes to load response details. Features

Looking for an easy-to-use, accurate, and fast location lookup tool? If yes, then IPWHOIS has got you covered. Below are some amazing features that differentiate it from its competitors. 

Simple and Easy

The user-friendly interface of this location tool requires no programming knowledge or technical skills to use. You can install it quickly and generate GET requests to obtain the location data of your users. 

Fast Response Speed

IPWHOIS is fast and delivers location data within seconds. This means there is no need to wait for a couple of minutes to detect the geolocation of your users to provide them a personalized experience based on their real-world location.


Location information and data delivered by this API are protected via 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your users’ data protected from third parties. This also protects your site or app by blocking potential harmful IPs.

Response in Multiple Languages

IPWHOIS not just designed for English users. It supports responses in multiple languages, including Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. 

Geolocation Information it Provides

Not only the current location of the users, but you can get in-depth details about your users to know them better and deliver a highly personalized experience. 

IP Address: The first thing you get is the IP address of a user visiting your site or app.

Success: It shows whether your GET request is successful or not.

Type: This is the type of IP address of a user e.g., IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4)

Continent: This shows the name of the continent (e.g., Europe or Asia) your user is from.

Continent Code: since every continent is assigned a unique code, this shows the continent code your user is accessing your website from.

Country: This is the country name your user is living and accessing your site from. If a user is from the United States, the API will show the United States here. 

Country Code: This is the country code assigned to every country around the globe. You can see the US here for the United States. 

Country Flag: You can see the country flag here in this area. This helps you fetch the country flag automatically in the contact form section.

Country Capital: The capital of the country is mentioned here for a request generated for an IP address. This is useful in the contact form auto-fill process. 

Country Phone: The country phone code is displayed here, which is used to make international calls. This is also useful during the verification or form-filling process. 

Country Neighbours: Here, you can see the neighboring countries of your users with country codes.  

Region: You can see the country region of a user here. It is useful when it comes to shipping products internationally. 

Final Words

IPWHOIS is a powerful Geolocation API tool with plenty of features. It provides each and every detail about the current location of your users that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use this API for free to generate 10000 requests in a month. It comes with three different premium plans so you can buy for commercial projects according to the number of visitors you receive every month.

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